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Student Leader – 2019

Thursday, 19.09.19


From September 14 to September 22 Krasnodar region hosts the final of the XVII All-Russian competition "Student Leader – 2019". Nikita Afinogenov, Chairman of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Students' Trade Union and Anastasia Kozlova, Deputy Chairman, went to the settlement of Divnomorskoye to become members of the brightest, most talented trade union leaders of the country.

On September, 16 the President of SCS Alexey Butenko presented the application of Trade Union SKS and shared its features. Meanwhile the application is running in test mode. The educational program for student leaders started on September, 17. Lectures were given by Ilya Kosenko, who spoke about motivations. Alexander Manzhula made a detailed review of issues related to scholarships. Alexey Butenko revealed all the secrets of successful partner search and shared his experience.  

In the nearest future there will be educational days and intense struggle for the title "Student leader – 2019".


School of Experts-Moderators

Thursday, 19.09.19

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On September 16-23, Moscow hosts a school of experts-moderators, which is attended by 100 people from 40 regions of Russia. The school is attended by the Chairman of the Student Council of the Chuvash State University, Olga Semenova.
The school is held in the framework of the project" Design Solutions for Young People", implemented by Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Center for social design" under the leadership of Alexander Nemtsev and with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

One of the main objectives of the project is opening project workshops on the basis of Russian universities and youth policy institutions, where young people will have the opportunity to develop their initiatives. 

On September 17, the head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, Alexander Bugaev spoke at the school. In his speech he noted the importance of implementing the "Project Solutions of the Young People", supporting the applied nature of this project in the development of student initiatives and assistance in projects' design.


From an Idea to Startup to Successful Life

Tuesday, 17.09.19

170919ChuvSU Creates the Ecosystem of Opportunities

The building under the letter " A " of the Chuvash State University named after I. N. Ulianov is interesting to visit even without any reason. Is it worth to walk along its slightly creaking parquet in its corridors. The air seems to have a special energy of half a century of University traditions. But in the Assembly Hall, perhaps the brightest and the most modern in the administrative and scientific building, you suddenly realize that the soul of the University is young, eager for new discoveries and full of ideas.

It is here at the round table we again talk to ChuvSU rector, Andrey Aleksandrov, about the plans with which the University begins its new academic year. Let's note, Andrey Yurievich always talks about his University with enthusiasm, often surprising and even inspiring the interviewer.

The University's numbers have increased.

- Admission to full-time education is completed, freshmen are getting involved in the studying process. Is the University satisfied with the results and quality of the current admission?

- On the whole, it is. We have fulfilled the state task for this year, according to which we accepted applicants to more than 1,500 budget places. 1184 of them "were taken" by those who the first time entered the University for undergraduate and specialist's programs, the remaining places are given to future masters, post-graduate students and residents.

I am glad that this year we accepted  more "high-achieving" freshmen: 215 medalists, 190 children have the results of at least in one of Unified State Examination of more than 90 points, there is also those who got 100 points, winners and prize-winners of competitions at regional and national level. Among the applicants there are those who distinguished themselves in academic Olympiads, which the University conducts independently or with the help of its industrial partners — "Hope of Electrical Engineering" and "Hope of Chuvashia's Mechanical Engineering".

The geography of applicants has also expanded: this year children from 47 regions of Russia came to study with us, the medical faculty alone enrolled  boys and girls from 39 regions of the country.

— We met a lot of foreigners in the main building on the way here, and it seems you have more and more of them…

— It is true, now about 1,800 foreign students study at the University, although a few years ago their number was five times less. The state is primarily interested in attracting young and capable young people from other countries to receive education in Russia. This has been repeatedly stated by the leader of the country. Russian universities are facing the task of doubling the number of foreign citizens in their ranks in the coming years.

— Won't it turn out that our children will have less opportunities to enter the University?

- I will reassure that there is no question of any competition. After all, most foreigners enter the University on a fee basis, only a small part - according to quotas provided by interstate agreements. In short, this in no way limits the ability of Russian students to study with us both on a budget and on a commercial basis.

Student Thought Boils

- Everything seems to suggest that the interest to the Chuvash state University is growing.

— And this is quite natural, because in addition to modern educational programs, we offer a range of opportunities. For example, today's engineers lack business, entrepreneurship skills, they successfully solve specific professional problems, but have no idea how to promote their product. That is why we are gradually introducing comprehensive entrepreneurship courses in the educational process.

Moreover, we plan to form a whole ecosystem of innovations, within which inter-University teams will develop their projects, which may then result in real startups.

"Like a vessel of creative thought?"

— Almost. A "Boiling Point" is the space for uniting various initiatives of our student leaders, which we intend to create on the basis of the faculty of Economics by the end of 2019. This is a completely new project implemented jointly with the Agency for strategic initiatives. Students of different faculties will listen to master classes given by invited specialists: how, for example, to organize your business or implement a social project in life. The young people will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the same interested students of other faculties, and maybe even universities, to learn from those who have passed their way of success.

Some go to "ChuvGoogol" and the others -- to DNA

— If I, a former graduate of ChuvSU, visit the University as a parent, what changes would I certainly note for myself?

-Of course, modern, high-tech training and laboratory equipment will catch the eye. For example, the faculty of energy and electrical engineering, where, with the help of strategic partners, an educational digital substation is equipped, the analogues of which are few. It repeats in many respects "Medvedev" educational digital substation that works today in Skolkovo near Moscow. New equipment will surprise at other faculties.

Some parents wish to visit enterprises to get acquainted with the future workplace of their child. It will be interesting for you to visit the basic departments created at the sites of our partners — the leading high-tech enterprises, where our students practice under the guidance of experienced mentors. Practice-oriented educational process and live communication with the production constitute the "hobby-horse" of the Chuvash State University.

— With such bases and laboratories the interest in technical areas cannot but grow.

- As they say, the ice began to move, but, alas, not as fast as we wanted. It is somewhat disappointing that some applicants and their parents still do not fully understand all the advantages of getting a technical education, underestimate the opportunities for future career growth. It is no secret that today  specialists in energy supply, electrical equipment, radioelectronics, IT specialists, engineers are in great demand. Digital technologies are rapidly developing, artificial intelligence technologies are being introduced. Needless to say, soon we will be able to travel on unmanned trains. And this is not a distant future, but a reality. This is where the experts who create digital technologies will be needed.

- Then you need mathematics, physics, computer science — and this, in the opinion of schoolchildren, and their parents too, is always more difficult.

"That's why the University is opening its doors to schools today, offering help. These are University Saturdays, and Junior Phys-Maths, where our teachers successfully teach even the youngest students entertaining mathematics and physics. I admit, it was not an easy task to interest young listeners. But teachers with honor coped with it, and today pupils of our schools, circles are simply in love with the mentors, and the main thing — with those subjects which they decided to study in University walls. And this is only the beginning!

- So, in the new academic year, there will be new projects for schoolchildren?

- They have already started! For example, these days the Olympiad contest aimed at selection for the educational sessions with international participation "ChuvGoogol", which will open during autumn holidays in one of out-of-town camps of the Republic. Children will dive into the digital world: in 30 laboratories of the University they will program, simulate, create virtual games, defend their projects, it will be extremely interesting. It is important that the session for the guys will be free: the necessary funds have been allocated within the framework of the national project"Digital economy".

Another project that we will soon implement with the financial support of the Chuvash Republic in the framework of another national project "Education" is the House of Scientific Collaboration (HSC in short), and in another way — the Center for the development of modern competencies of children. On the basis of physics and mathematics faculty and the department of mechanical engineering we will implement the programs in bioinformatics and robotics, give technology lessons, the schoolchildren will be able to engage in challenging and interesting equipment. In addition, clubs will be held in the HSC, by the way, the chess club is ready to accept the first students.

There is whole "harvest" of grants

- It seems that the University is immersed in the national projects?

- Of course, this is confirmed by the simultaneous work on several grant competitions in the framework of priority areas of the country's development in the amount of hundreds of millions of rubles. After all, the national project involves consolidation of efforts of all levels and branches of government, representatives of civil society and business.

- By the way, was the "harvest" big if I can say so, did your students and young scientists manage to get a lot of grants?

- Projects in different fields were supported: in donor movement, popularization of science at schools (presented at the forum "I-Volga"), the largest grant of 2 million 400 thousand rubles was received by the project of the student of Informatics and computer science faculty, Nikolay Filippov, "TV-Academy", aimed at the development of the KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive) movement in the country, and many others.

Major research projects continue to be implemented, which, by the way, in detail and in the most importantly understandable language is described in our magazine "Chuvashia: territory of innovations". And the year is not over, so I think we will enjoy new victories…

— Listening to you, Andrey Yurievich, I unwittingly regret that my student's time. passed long ago.  What would you wish the first-year students, full of hopes, and graduates, who will have to defend the diploma and step on the professional path in the new academic year?

- I wish freshmen multifaceted student life and implementation of the most daring ideas. And graduates- not to stop on the achieved and do not rest on their laurels. In our dynamic time you have to study all your life, and constantly learn new technologies. Imagine, it took 400 years for the printing press of Johann Gutenberg to be introduced into mass production, from the idea to the invention of the wired phone half a century passed, for that of cell phone — 7 years, and social networks took over the world in 3 years. И такая картина — в любой сфере.

Словом, если есть идеи, проекты, мы готовы помочь их реализовать, даже тогда, когда у вас на руках уже будет диплом об окончании вуза. Such examples today are numerous. A modern University does not set limits and does not focus only on itself, but expands its boundaries, transforming into a University of ideas and opportunities.


"To plant a seed of interest, look for a circle»

— Andrew Yurievich, advise parents how to interest a schoolchild in exact sciences and the profession of technical orientation.

— It's not an easy task ... but perhaps we should start by planting a seed of interest in home conversations, since everything starts with the family one way or another." This is the engine of everything new that a person will receive in the future. The next step is the search for a circle of scientific and technical creativity for the child, fortunately, today in our country there are many interesting sites for young researchers and inventors — robotics, programming, SD-modeling. Do you remember how popular in Soviet times were circles of young modelers, ship builders, radio technicians, naturalists?

This wonderful practice is now revived, though in a new format. A complex of entertaining programs for students of all ages is offered by ChuvSU. I am sure that all this together will give the right vector, which will then help to choose an interesting profession.


More than 18,000 students from 69 regions of Russia and about 1,800 foreign citizens from 47 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe study at I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU at all levels of education: preparatory department, bachelor's, specialist's, master's, programs postgraduate, doctoral studies.

2850 rubles is a scholarship of an honours student at ChuvSU, and for the first-year students there is an additional bonus-  the winners and prize-winners of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren, as well as University and industry Olympiads receive 10 thousand rubles in the first semester.

For the 7th consecutive year, according to the results of monitoring conducted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU receives the status of an effective University.

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ChuvSU Photo. The a worthy scientific generation grows at the University - holder of the grant of the President of Russia Alexey Fedorov with his mentor, Dean of electronics and automation faculty, Professor Grigory Okhotkin.


Photo By Maxim Vasiliev. The path to the students for many schoolchildren will begin with ChuvSU Junior physics and mathematics faculty


The Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazan, F.B. Nasriev, Visited the Chuvash State University

Monday, 09.09.19

On the 9th of September, the Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazan, F.B. Nasriev, visited the Chuvash State University named after I. N. Ulianov. There was a meeting with the heads of the University's structural units and with students from Uzbekistan (more than 100 citizens of this country are currently studying at ChuvSU).

I.E. Poverinov, Vice-Chancellor for Educational Work, and E.L. Nikolaev, the head of International Activities Administration, the head of  Extracurricular Work and Security Department, O.N. Viktorov, told about the university, organization of the educational process for foreign students, measures to strengthen inter-ethnic and interfaith peace and harmony. The Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazan, F.B. Nasriev, thanked the university's leadership for developing cooperation in the field of training staff with higher education, touched upon the issues of further strengthening of ties in various directions which are of mutual interest.

S.A. Derbenov, the head of the Russian Interior Ministry's Center for Countering Extremism in the Chuvash Republic, O.F. Silvestrov, deputy head of the Migration Department at the Russian Interior Ministry for the Chuvash Republic; A.Y. Guryev, Deputy Minister of Education and Youth Policy in the Chuvash Republic, took part in discussing the issues.


Implementing the National Projects "Science" and "Education" Was Discussed

Friday, 06.09.19

On the 6th of September, a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, A.I. Arshinova, met with young university scientists in the conference room situated in building "G" of Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulianov. The meeting was moderated by the University’s Rector, A.Yu. Aleksandrov.

There was an interested conversation about the ways to implement the national projects "Science" and "Education." The Russian State Duma deputy, A.I. Arshinova, told about the initiatives of the country’s government and the State Duma to develop the national science and education system and answered the questions of young researchers.

The discussion was attended by A.G. Kalinin, Assistant Professor at Automatic Electrical Control Systems Department, Associate Professor of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, winner of a grant from the Russian Science Foundation M.Y. Belikov; Associate Professor of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, winner of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research grant, S.V. Karpov; Associate Professor of General, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Department, winner of the Russian Federation President grant for state support of young Russian scientists - PhDs  and HabDs, A.Yu. Alekseeva; Associate Professor of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, participant of the intra-university program to support young researchers "Young Doctor of Science" M.V. Maryasov; Assistant of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Biochemistry Department, a winner of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research grant, E.A. Solenova; Associate Professor of Accounting and E-Business Department, winner of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research grant, V.V. Ivanov and others.

Today, the Russian State Duma deputy, A.I. Arshinova, found out more about the educational and laboratory base of the University's technical faculties.


A Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, A.G. Nikolaev and I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University

Thursday, 05.09.19

060919 6

The Chuvash call A.G. Nikolaev "Our Andriyan” with love and pride. A.G. Nikolaev is cosmonaut №3, thanks to whom the whole world learned that the Chuvash Republic is situated on the shores of the great Volga, the whole world spoke about our people. The 11th of August is the 55th anniversary of the spaceflight made by twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Honorary Doctor of the Chuvash State University, A.G. Nikolaev.

Andriyan Grigoryevich, who made a step to the stars, was awarded with high titles and honors, but the most expensive award is love and respect of people, boundless admiration for his feat of a pioneer in exploring the space. The name of the legendary countryman became famous for the entire planet in 1962, when from the 11th of August to the 15th of August he made 64 revolutions around the Earth in the spaceship "Vostok-3": he participated in the first multi-day flight in the history of space exploration and the first group flight of spacecrafts.

This time period was the beginning of the space age, a great event in the history of the world; it was marked by an incredible rise of patriotism among the Soviet residents. Of course, especially among the Chuvash. People were proud of Andriyan Grigoryevich, thousands of boys and girls dreamed of shaking hands with their hero. Among them there were students of the Volga branch of Moscow Energy Institute, on the basis of which in 1967 the Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulianov was founded.

In 1963, classes for third-year students of the electrical engineering faculty were canceled, they went to the newly rebuilt building "E": as it turned out, in the assembly hall a meeting with Andriyan Nikolaev was planned. Just imagine enthusiasm of the young people! We spoke with eyewitnesses of the commemorative event – the dean of Design and Computer Technologies Faculty, Professor V.P. Zheltov and his course mates, N.M. Matveyev and L.Ya. Ignatiev.

"Everyone was quiet when Andriyan Grigoryevich entered the hall - broad-shouldered, smart, strong. But a moment later, there was deafening applause in honor of the “Sokol”. What was especially memorable? Never before that day and after it, have I met such a calm, self possessed man. The cosmonaut answered timid questions of the enchanted guys in a simple manner, with a smile. He talked about the flight, shared his impressions”, recalls Professor V.P. Zheltov.

N.M. Matveyev was fond of photography during his student years, he captured many valuable moments. After the first flight of A.G. Nikolaev, MEI students prepared posters inviting the family of the cosmonaut-3 to visit the university, stood with them by the road, came to the Red Square to look and to greet the heroes of space. L.Ya. Ignatiev tells that after Nikolayev became Cosmonaut-3, he met with him several times in Kuibyshev, Cheboksary, and before that he lived near Shorshely and knew well the family of Andriyan Grigoryevich.

A.G. Nikolaev visited the Chuvash State University more than once, always supported the University. He was awarded the title of "ChuvSU Honorary Doctor".


Knowledge Day Is a Festivity for Everyone: For Those Who Studied, Who Is Studying, Who Teaches

Monday, 02.09.19

On September 2, freshmen were honored in the square in front of the Scientific Library of the Chuvash State University by. The rector of the University, A.Yu. Aleksandrov, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, L.I. Cherkesov, Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Chuvash Republic, S.V. Kudryashov, executive manager of the Chuvash Sberbank branch № 8613, Yu. B. Bychkovsky, congratulated with the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year. They also handed the freshmen, prize-holders of school Olympiad, Nikita Pavlov and Anna Petrova, a symbolic student ticket and the key of knowledge. The students promised that diligent study and active life position will always be for them in the first place at the university.

Three freshmen who received 100 points in USE (Unified State Examination) and entered the university without entrance tests were first to receive student tickets.

The honored guests released white doves into the sky to mark the new school year. The delegation of the best university students went to the solemn laying of flowers to the monument of friendship of students of all nationalities, which is located in the square in front of the University's Science Library, and to the monument to Chuvash science communicator, I.Ya. Yakovlev, in front of the National Library. The combined student choir and activists of ChuvSU Palace of Culture showed creative performances.

The “Fair of Opportunities” was no less spectacular. Student publoic organizations and structural units demonstrated clearly and convincingly what opportunities are available at the University for Students’ self-fulfillment in education, science, sports, creativity and social life. The doors to a new, big world, full of interesting discoveries and vivid impressions opened for a new generation of students.


During the 2019 All-Russian Forum Campaign Chuvashia's Youth Won 9 Grants

Wednesday, 28.08.19

020919 7

From August, 20 to August 26, the town of Sudak of the Republic of Crimea hosted a festival of creative communities "Tavrida-ART", which was attended by more than 54,000 people (4,000 participants and more than 50,000 spectators).

The festival’s program included the largest face-to-face grant competition, for which originally 80 million rubles were allocated. As a result of competitive evaluation, the experts supported 130 projects totaling 87 million rubles.

Among the grantees was a representative of the Chuvash Republic - a Master's Degree Studentof I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, Nikolay Filippov. He received 2,400,000 rubles for implementing the project "TV-Academy", in which young participants of the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted will be trained with film and television professionals. "My impressions are as positive as possible, because Tavrida gives so many opportunities to implement any ideas, and the grant is just one of those opportunities”, says Nikolay.

This is the ninth grant received by the youth of Chuvashia during the All-Russian Forum Campaign in 2019. The total amount of grants in the forum campaign is 3,950,000 rubles.


A Meeting with Guests from Bulgaria

Tuesday, 27.08.19

020919 5

Today, the ChuvSU rector, A.Yy. Aleksandrov, met with guests from Bulgaria students of the international summer school of the Russian Language and Culture, organized by the Chuvash State University. Andrey Yuryevich thanked guests from Bulgaria for participating in the Gramotey Academic Olympiad, which took place at our university in May, and wished them further success in studying common historical roots of the Russian and the Bulgarian languages.

The guests told about their impressions of their staying in Chuvashia, thanked for hospitality and a rich educational and cultural program, which was offered to the students of the international summer school. The meeting was also attended by the head of ChuvSU international programs and academic mobility department, E.V. Nuzhdayeva, the dean of Russian and Chuvash Philology and Journalism Faculty, A.M. Ivanova.


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cuba to Russia Opened an Exhibition of Children's Drawings "Dreaming of Cuba" in Cheboksary

Saturday, 24.08.19


On August 24, on Cheboksary Day, the Chuvash Republic was visited by Herardo Penjalver Portal, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cuba to the Russian Federation as well as the delegation of the Russian Friendship Society with Cuba, headed by the President of the Society, Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation, Alexey Lavrov.

Accompanied by the Chairman of the Chuvash Republic Cabinet of Ministers, Ivan Motorin, the guests visited I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, where an exhibition of children's drawings "Dreaming of Cuba" was opened.

Andrey Aleksandrov, the Rector of the University, the chairman of the Chuvash branch of the International Public Organization "Society of Friendship with Cuba", reported that the competition of children's drawings was announced in June this year. The works were presented by children from not only Cheboksary, but from the regions of the Republic as well. The youngest artist is four and a half years old. In total, the contest received more than a hundred drawings and all of them, according to the rector, are drawn from the heart.

In his welcoming speech, Andrey Aleksandrov noted that close relations were established between Cuba and the Chuvash Republic. "Two of our students visited the Liberty Island this summer, where they showed show themselves in the best light. They have recently returned, full of impressions and ready to share them with the rest of the students”, he said, adding that the most active members of the organization will be able to go to Cuba next year. For this purpose, a competitive selection will be held, the university is ready to take on the costs.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by foreign students, students of ChuvSU International Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture from Japan and Bulgaria, the university staff, authors of submitted drawings.


Representatives of the Chuvash State University Are Winners of “Public Recognition” Award

Friday, 23.08.19

230819 6777

The administration of Cheboksary hosted a solemn ceremony to award the winners and prize-holders of the city competition for the award "Public Recognition - 2019".

More than 150 applications in 11 nominations were submitted. In the category "The Future of  Cheboksary Is Made Today" the 1st place was awarded to I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University for implementing the project "Apricot Garden" and the Palace of Children's (Youth) Creativity for implementing the project "Palace of the Good”. The 3rd place was awarded to the Academy of Computer Graphics for implementing the project "Festival of Scientific and Technical Creativity "Kulibin" (its head is S.S. Sorokin).  In the category "Writing and shooting about the city" the award for the second place in the group of authors was received by Professor of ChuvSU Department of History and Culture of Foreign Countries, T.N. Ivanova, for publication of the book-album "Cheboksary - 550. The City of Your Victories." The university was also awarded a Gratitude Letter in nomination "Sports and Personality" for implementing “Sports Club” project.

I.E. Poverinov, ChuvSU Vice-Rector for educational work, spoke during the awarding ceremony, thanked the organizers of the competition for high appreciation of the projects submitted by the Chuvash State University, congratulated those present with the 550th anniversary of Cheboksary.


The Guests of Chuvash State University from Japan and Bulgaria Make Good Use of Their Vacations

Friday, 23.08.19

230819 677

On August 22nd, participants of the International Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture from Tokyo's Chuo University (Japan) and from Bulgaria visited the archaeological and ethnographic museum named after P.V. Denisov, learned about the traditional culture of the peoples of the Volga-Ural region. This event can be considered a continuation in the cooperation between I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Department of Archaeology, Ethnography and Regional History and Tokyo's Chuo University: previously, joint expeditions were conducted in Japan and Chuvashia, scientific articles were published, as part of scientific exchange in November 2018, Professor of the Department, O.V. Yegorova, delivered a course of lectures in history and culture of Chuvashia at Chuo University. At ChuvSU archaeological and ethnographic museum, guests were told about the ethnocultural parallels of the Danube Bulgarians and Chuvash, they were shown Bulgarian ceramics and costumes wich were the gift from Ivan Koev, a professor at Sofia University. The exhibits of the museum aroused a keen interest in the participants of the Summer School, who gladly took selfies against their background.

The next point of the rich program was classes with teachers of the Department of the Russian language as a foreign language. All participants of the Summer School had already studied Russian. Japanese students were studying it for three months, so they have some basic knowledge of the language: they can read and write, and they can introduce themselves. In the first lesson, they learned a lot about Russian speech etiquette, learned to tell about themselves. Each of the Summer School participants is keenly interested in the Russian language, tries to pronounce all the words correctly, strives to learn a lot about grammar of the Russian language and the culture of the Russian people.

Schoolgirls from Bulgaria have been studying Russian for several years. In this they follow their family tradition. Their parents, with whom they came to our university, know Russian well. It was they who instilled in them an interest in studying this related language. The girls gladly took part in the "Gramotey" Olympiad, which was held at our university in May, and became winners at A2 and B1 levels. Since our guests from Bulgaria already speak Russian at a sufficiently high level, they study in another group, where they are sure to learn a lot of new things. It is planned to give classes based on texts on history and culture of the Russian and the Chuvash people. Thus, during the class the teacher talked to them about the geography of Russia and Chuvashia, the role of the Russian and Chuvash languages, about the peoples who live in Russia, about common historical roots of the Bulgarian and Russian languages.

After lunch, the guests from Japan and Bulgaria, accompanied by the Dean of Russian and Chuvash Philology and Journalism Faculty, A.M. Ivanova and the head of CHuvSU international programs and academic mobility department, E.V. Needeeva, went to the ethnocultural park "Suvar”, located on the left bank of the Volga, in the territory of the resort complex "Chuvashia”. Wooden ceremonial sculptures of the ethnopark captivated the guests with their exoticism and the spirit of antiquity. A lot of interesting things are waiting for our guests!


Training Staff for Digital Economy Was Discussed in the Scientific Collaboration House at the Chuvash State University

Tuesday, 20.08.19

200819 5

On the 20th of August in thelecture center of S. A. Abrukov Scientific Collaboration House at the Chuvash State University a discussion platform "Staff for the digital economy: in-depth career guidance for schoolchildren” worked as part of the Republican Conference of educators. It was attended by representatives of municipal authorities of education, responsible for providing supplementary education for children and for implementing state youth policy, heads of organizations providing supplementary education for children and secondary general education schools.

The moderator was ChuvSU Vice-Rector, I.E. Poverinov. Reports and presentations were made by the President of the Chuvash Republic Rector’s Council, ChuvSU Rector, A. Yu. Aleksandrov (the theme: "Training staff for digital economy”); the Head of the Center for vocational guidance, O.N. Vasilyeva ("Popularization of engineering education: I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU experience); the head of the Center for working with the gifted youth, D.A. Troeshestova ("Olimpiad movement in the partnership “School-University-Enterprise”); Acting Head of Scientific Collaboration House, D.A. Anufrieva (“Development of advanced competencies in children – S. A. Abrukov Scientific Collaboration House"); the Head of ChuvSU Department for project activities, A.G. Golovina ("Training staff through involving students in innovation activities and intensive educational medium – profile session for students on advanced areas of discrete mathematics, informatics, digital technologies "ChuvGugol").

There was a broad exchange of professional experience in implementing the national project "Education" as well as exchange of views on in-depth career guidance for schoolchildren, forming an innovative educational medium in educational organizations. The participants discussed topical questions of education development, the use of digital resources in the teaching subjects, examined new approaches in the work with gifted children, as well as current trends in teaching mathematics, physics and informatics at school and questions of teachers’ retraining.


Gratitude of the German Embassy

Monday, 19.08.19

Rudiger von Fritsch, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Russian Federation, awarded the Rector of the Chuvash State University, A.Yu. Aleksandrov, with a Gratitude Letter for his significant contribution to the development of German-Russian relations.


The Pilot Who Rescued Passengers "Took off" from ChuvSU

Saturday, 17.08.19


"I have signed a decree on awarding the aircraft crew, which produced a hard non-standard touchdown at the airport at Zhukovsky," news networks cite Vladimir Putin’s words at a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council. The head of State explained that the aircraft commander, Damir Yusupov and his co-pilot, Georgy Murzin are awarded with the titles of Heroes of Russia, the rest of the crew — with Orders of Courage. The President also expressed the hope that there will be as less as possible such incidents. “I wish that nothing like this happened”, he said. As was previously reported, the crew managed to land the liner with broken engines in the middle of a cornfield. All 226 passengers and seven crew members survived, about 20 people were hospitalized; most of them after examination received outpatient treatment. The Russians thank the pilots in social networks for their professionalism and courage.

Meanwhile, the pilot who on the 15th of August made an emergency landing of A-321 aircraft belonging to the "Ural Airlines", Damir Yusupov, is related to our Republic – he graduated from the Law Faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. He couldn’t enter a flying school immediately after finishing school because he didn’t pass the medical examination. So he got enrolled at the Law Faculty of the Chuvash State University, after that he worked in urban housing and mortgage fund in Syzran and on a voluntary basis he was an assistant in the local Tatar diaspora. But at the age of 32 years he still entered Buguruslan Civil Aviation Flying School, from which he graduated with honors.

As was confirmed at ChuvSU, Damir studied in Cheboksary from 1999 to 2005 at the correspondence department by “Jurisprudence” specialty. Elena Ivanova, current Dean of the faculty says: “By reminiscences of his teachers, Damir Yusupov was a good and diligent student who successfully studied, despite the workload at his main place of work. We are proud by the feat of our graduate and will always look forward to his meeting with our students and applicants! "

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