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Battle of Lyceums: with Love to Physics

Monday, 20.01.20

On January 19, the second stage of the tournament "Battle of Lyceums" was held at I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. At the opening of the physics tour, the head of the center for working with gifted youth, D. A. Troeshestova, the head of the laboratory of theory and technology of teaching mathematics, physics and computer science, A. K. Yardukhin, the head of applied physics and nanotechnology department, the chairman of the jury V. S. Abrukov addressed to the participants with welcoming words.

This year, 10 teams of tenth-graders took part in the physics tour of the "Battle of lyceums", they represented educational organizations: Lyceum № 2, Lyceum № 3, Lyceum №44, gymnasium №1, gymnasium № 2, school № 61 of the town of Cheboksary, Lyceum № 18, gymnasium № 6, school № 12 of Novocheboksarsk and secondary educational school № 1 of the town of Tsivilsk of The Chuvash Republic. As in the previous year, immediately after the first competition - the team Olympiad - a real battle broke out: the results of the teams in the rating table differed from each other by 1-2 points. Members of the jury - teachers of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies faculty noted a high level of participants' training. "Fighters of the physical front" decently performed in two intense physics fights, and in persistent fight prize-winners were defined:

the 1st place: "Pt" team , Lyceum №3 of Cheboksary;

the 2nd place: "No name" team, gymnasium №6 of Novocheboksarsk;

the 3rd place was taken by two teams: "Quadrics" of secondary school №1 from Tsivilsk and "Maxim and his team", Lyceum № 18 of Novocheboksarsk;

Ahead is the last, third round in computer science, which will be held at the faculty of computer science and computer engineering on January, 26. Who will get the main prize this year – the perpetual trophy?

Chuvash State University and VTB Bank: Building Together the Education of the Future

Friday, 17.01.20

The Rector of our University A. Yu. Aleksandrov paid a working visit to the office of VTB Bank in Cheboksary and got acquainted with the organization of providing banking services. A working meeting was held with the head of VTB Bank's Directorate in the Chuvash Republic, K. V. Kyrgyzov, during which a plan of joint activities for practice-oriented training of personnel for the credit and financial sector was formed. In particular, it is planned to hold joint events on financial literacy of young people and to organize master classes and joint research.


VTB Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia. Key areas of its activity are working with corporate clients and financial organizations, including government agencies and enterprises, attracting funds and consumer loans. The main sources of funding are equally the funds of corporate clients and of the population.

Open Online Discussion

Friday, 17.01.20

170120 77

On January 16, representatives of the University, headed by the rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov who had passed a grand-scale educational intensive "Island 10-22" in July 2019, took part in an open online discussion for representatives of education "Involvement and awareness of students as the key to success", held at the Skolkovo Institute of science and technology. Everyone could join the online broadcast on YouTube. The event is organized by EdCrunch of National Research Technological University "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys", University 20.35 and Skoltech.

The moderator of the meeting was Konstantin Ziskin, Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, head of the Department of the center for education development strategy at MSU, the speakers were Ben Nelson, the founder and CEO of Minerva; Asylbek Kozhakhmetov, President of Almaty Management University, Vice President of the international management Association CEEMAN; Keith Stevenson, first Vice-rector, Professor, Vice-rector for research work of Skoltech; Robert Urazov, CEO of the Union "Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia)", Vasily Tretyakov, CEO of the University 20.35.

The heads of traditional universities and new format universities discussed what determines the success of students and how a University can really influence it, who and how should form the students' understanding of conscious attitude to their development trajectory and what are the ways to help them make the right decisions to achieve the goal, how an effective educational environment should look like to achieve these goals, whether it should be concentrated only at a University.

As a result of the open discussion, a round table was held at our University, during which participants expressed their vision in solving issues within the framework of the stated topic.


On the Russian Press Day the Chuvash State University Honored Future Employees of the Media Sphere

Monday, 13.01.20

130120 8

On January 13, the department of journalism of the Chuvash State University celebrated the Russian Press Day in a special way - young correspondents-schoolchildren, school teachers and students-journalists were honored.

The awards were given to the winners and prize-holders of school media competitions organized at the University, graduates of the thematic school "Testing the Pen", the video contest "Director for Oneself", the international festival of youth media, the All-Russian competition "Battle of Journalism Faculties", etc.

Young winners of creative competitions, conferences, festivals and teachers-mentors were warmly congratulated by the teachers of the journalism department, wished not to stop on the achieved, to constantly improve their professional skills, to master new information technologies. Young correspondents and heads of school circles of journalism thanked the University for the opportunity to show their creative abilities, for assistance in professional orientation.

The Winners of Contests for the Right to Receive Grants from the President of the Russian Federation Told about Their Research Plans

Friday, 10.01.20


On January 9, the rector of the University A. Yu. Aleksandrov met with the winners of All-Russian contests held in 2020 for the right to receive grants from the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists, candidates of science and doctors of science: Doctor of technical sciences, head of applied mechanics and graphics department at the faculty of engineering S. A. Vasiliev and a candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry department at chemistry and pharmacy faculty S. V. Fedoseyev.

The Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov congratulated the young scientists with their high scientific achievements and wished them success in implementing innovative projects. It was noted that among the doctors of science, one of the 60 winners of the All-Russian contest was a scientist of the Chuvash State University S. A. Vasilyev. The achievement of the associate professor S. V.  Fedoseyev is also unique:  for the second time, he was awarded a grant from the President of the Russian Federation.

The grant holders told about their research projects and plans for the future. The discussion was also attended by the vice-rector for scientific work E. N. Kadyshev and the head of the research department N. V.  Russov.

University Volunteers Summed up the Results of the Year and Set New Tasks

Thursday, 09.01.20

The final meeting of the ChuvSU Volunteer center was held. It was noted that the volunteer movement is actively developing. At our University environmental, charitable, sports volunteering successfully operate, donation is well-developed, as well as promotion of healthy lifestyle, Victory volunteers and medical volunteers are active.

The head of extracurricular work and safety department O. N. Viktorov addressed the University volunteers. He noted the good work of the Volunteer center in all areas and set a new task - in the Year of memory and glory in Russia to strengthen the work of Victory volunteers and medical volunteers.

"What Do I Care…»

Saturday, 28.12.19

The 6th issue of a popular science magazine "Chuvashia: Territory of Innovations"  was published.

The issue summarizing the results of the year began to be distributed on December, 26. We remind that a joint project of the Chuvash State University and the newspaper "Soviet Chuvashia" during a year and a half has been covering the activities of the research community and research in the framework of the largest grants of Chuvashia.

Digital monitoring of structural deformations, bee biocommunication, import-substituting copper wire coating, study of compression stenosis of the ventral trunk and the ways to overcome infection resistance are the key research topics described in the latest issue of the journal. However, in an ordinary layman these complex formulations may cause the question "What do I care?", to which the publications respond.

"Today's science is not something abstract and far from ordinary people. We at the University are convinced that our activities should meet the needs of our fellow citizens who are far from scientific laboratories and grant competitions", the rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, Andrey Aleksandrov, informs in his welcome letter.

However, it is only science: the publication also tells about other significant events in the life of the youth in Chuvashia in recent months. They include  contest “Miss and Mr. Studentship of Russia-2019”, which was held in Chuvashia for the first time, an international career guidance session "ChuvGoogol", sports achievements of University students and dozens of grants won by them for social projects.


An Open Lesson

Thursday, 26.12.19

On December 25, in the Assembly hall of the Republican Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital of the Chuvash Public Health Ministry the rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, Andrey Aleksandrov met with students of the medical faculty who are studying at the clinical base of the hospital. The event was also attended by associate professors of ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology department of the medical faculty Dmitry Arsyutov (chief doctor of the hospital) and Alexey Andreev.

During the visit to the clinic, the rector got acquainted with the training rooms and the conditions in which the process of training future doctors takes place. Welcoming the participants of the meeting, Andrey Yuryevich told about innovative activities of the University and new forms of its work. During the conversation with the students, the issues of career and research growth of young specialists in medicine were raised. The rector thanked the teachers for their good work and providing medical institutions with a highly qualified personnel.


Congratulations to Olga Konstantinovna Evdokimova on Receiving the State Award!

Thursday, 26.12.19

On December 24, the head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatiev presented state awards of Russia and Chuvashia to the residents of the Republic who have achieved high results in their professional activities. Among the awarded is an associate professor of the Russian language and literature department at the Chuvash state University O. K. Evdokimova.

For many years of fruitful work Olga Konstantinovna was awarded with the state award of the Chuvash Republic - the honorary title "Honored worker of education of the Chuvash Republic".

We congratulate Olga Konstantinovna from the bottom of the heart on receiving the high award and wish her health and new professional successes and achievements!

The Delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Visited the Chuvash State University for the First Time

Wednesday, 25.12.19

251219 67

On the 25th of Decemeber I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University was visited by the delegation of the Embassy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation, it included the Advisor on trade and economic relations, Kim Duk Sam, the head of the consular department, an Embassy counselor Kim Yong Nam, assistant of the Consul L. G. Patrakeeva and A. V. Potanin.  

The meeting was attended by ChuvSU vice-rector on educational work I. E. Poverinov, Deputy Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic, A. Y. Guriev, the head of sector of external relations development at the Chuvash Ministry of economic development E. G. Mikhailova, the head of ChuvSU international activities department E. L. Nikolaev, the head of international programs and academic mobility  E.V. Nuzhdaeva, the dean of power supply and electrical engineering faculty V.G.  Kovalev, the dean of the faculty of electronics and automation G. P. Okhotkin, the dean of informatics and computer science facultyA.V. Shchiptsova, associate professors of the faculty of energy and electrical engineering A. G. Kalinin, T. V. Myasnikova.

During the first visit of the representatives of the North Korean Embassy to ChuvSU, they discussed issues related to the beginning of cooperation development and its prospects, training of highly qualified personnel for the electric power industry of the DPRK, exchange of teachers and students in order to establish further cooperation.

A tour of the educational and research laboratories at the faculties of energy and electrical engineering, radio electronics and automation, computer science and computer engineering was organized for the guests. 


Digital Energy at the University Base

Tuesday, 24.12.19

241219 8

Where there are such laboratories, good employees will not be found wanting

A conceptualized copy-simulator of the digital substation "Medvedevskaya" of the power system at SKOLKOVO innovation center actually operating in Russia is a special pride of I. N. Ulianov  Chuvash State University.  This is a whole class, equipped at the expense of one of the enterprises of the town and it is a unique training laboratory of digital equipment and technologies for electrical substations.

Despite the fact that the official opening of the site took place only yesterday, undergraduate students of energy and electrical engineering faculty study here, young scientists conduct research, and in the future teachers and specialists of the energy industry will be able to improve their skills.

The head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatiev also visited the new laboratory of the University. He was accompanied by the Minister of education and youth policy of the Republic Sergey Kudryashov, as well as State Duma Deputy Leonid Cherkesov, together they walked through the educational and laboratory complex of the University.

"Our laboratory is an example of digital energy of the future, which is now beginning to actively develop, — explained the guests the head of the power supply and intelligent energy systems department Alexander Naumov. — Here the newest equipment which is established in really working power systems is presented. Thanks to this, we will be able to train highly qualified specialists in the field of digital energy, who will be in demand everywhere, and first of all in our Republic."

"The results exceeded our expectations," added a ChuvSU graduate, chief project engineer of the company — developer, part-time senior lecturer of the University Alexey Shlensky. — Taking a well-known model as a basis, we have made it universal in order to adapt to digital transformations in the future, because now digitalization is moving at a tremendous pace…»

The Chuvash State University tries to keep abreast of the times in these processes, seeking to prepare  specialists who do not need to be retrained at work for the electrical cluster of the Republic. By the way, ChuvSU laboratories  have the most modern high-tech equipment, which is used today in enterprises. Moreover, the leading enterprises of the Republic actively participate in creating and equipping scientific and educational production sites. The most important of them today are concentrated in building "B", where the tour for distinguished guests continued.

Everywhere you turn, there are labs. "Relay Protection", "Power Supply", "Modeling of Electric Power Systems" ... - there are many directions that students explore and master here. Only in the field of electric power the University has about 25 laboratories. Thanks to their creation, according to ChuvSU Rector, Andrey Alexandrov, up to 80 percent of graduates of energy and electrical engineering faculty are now employed at the enterprises of the cluster. Most of those who are studying for their master's degree already work in high-tech production.

The head of the Republic, being satisfied with what he saw, thanked the management of enterprises investing huge investments in joint projects with the University. He also drew attention to the fact that the Ministry of energy and the Ministry of industry and trade of the country give a good assessment of the effective work of the region on the development of the electrical cluster…

However, it should be noted that with such wide opportunities for training, our educational institutions, alas, reduce the plan for budget places in the magistracy in this direction. Meanwhile, talented young people, with a sufficiently high level of education in local universities, go to study to the capital's universities-these and other issues were discussed at the round table held after the tour. The problems of "leakage" of young people to large cities  particularly worry the representatives of industrial enterprises, who would not like to experience a shortage of personnel.

Photo By Oleg Maltsev: In the laboratory of digital relay protection and automation ChuvSU guests were told about the way short circuit protection works on power lines.


Junior Phys-Maths of ChuvSU: the First Five Years

Monday, 23.12.19

231219 5

On December, 22  the Palace of Culture of the Chuvash State University hosted a festival devoted to the fifth anniversary of Junior Physical and Mathematical Faculty where 1000 schoolchildren of 1-11 grades study.

A welcoming speech of  the rector of the University A. Yu. Aleksandrov was addressed to the students and their parents  Alexandrov. Andrey Yurievich noted that the project "ChuvSU Junior Phys-Maths" is recognized by experts in the field of education as unique, as it implements a whole range of educational programs and activities of physical and mathematical orientation for schoolchildren. The head of the center for monitoring and development of education in Cheboksary N. V. Ivanova in her speech stressed that the University is a platform for professional navigation for schoolchildren, starting from the first grade, which is very important for the development of the city's education system. Natalia Vladimirovna thanked the rector's office and presented a letter of gratitude to the head of Junior Phys-Maths D. A. Troeshestova for her active participation in the work of the Association of pedagogical workers "XXI century".

Students of the Junior Phys-Maths  were also congratulated by the head of technical marketing department of the research and production enterprise "EKRA" I. Yu. Leontiev and marketing director of CJSC "En LAB" S. N. Isaev.

There was a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners and prize-holders of the Olympiad "Winter Fractal", they received diplomas and prizes with the symbols of ChuvSU. The audience was warmly congratulated by the Dean of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies faculty, A. Yu. Ivanitsky.

In the framework of the festival of Junior Phys-Maths the intelligence and entertainment venue traditionally functioned, it was organized by faculties: computer science and computer engineering; applied mathematics, physics and information technologies; civil construction, engineering faculties.


Mikhail Ignatiev Thanked the Heads of the Electrotechnical Cluster Enterprises of the Chuvash Republic for their Contribution to Training a Highly Qualified Personnel

Monday, 23.12.19

On December 23, the head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatiev visited I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University.

Accompanied by the Rector of ChSU Andrey Aleksandrov, the guests visited buildings "G" and "B", where they examined the laboratories that were created with the scientific and material support of local enterprises of the electrical cluster.

The University has recently launched a training and practical laboratory "Digital Substation". The head of power supply and intelligent power systems department Alexander Naumov said that the laboratory is equipped at the expense of LLC RPE "EKRA". As was noted by the Rector of the University Andrey Aleksandrov, this is the only Russian laboratory of this type which is a functional copy of the substation "Medvedevskaya" of the power system at innovation center "SKOLKOVO" in Moscow.

The center for educational technologies in the field of electrical engineering and energy efficiency was opened in March 2018. The dean of energy and electrical engineering faculty, Vladimir Kovalev, noted that there is everything that allows students and schoolchildren to immerse themselves in the future profession. In addition, it serves as the basis for annual staff training of PJSC "Transneft" and JSC "ChEAZ".

The laboratory of technologies and electronic equipment products functionally copies the shops of the enterprises in requirements for industrial purity and antistatic similar to the shops at "Hevel", "ELARA", "ChEAZ".

The laboratory of nanoelectronic devices and systems was created to study programmable integrated circuits of modern architecture.

Demonstrating the capabilities of microprocessor tools and systems laboratory, the Director of the Department of high-voltage converter technology at RPE "EKRA" Vladimir Vishnevsky said that here they study artificial intelligence systems in products manufactured by LLC RPE "EKRA".

Stands in the laboratory of electromechanical relay protection are brought up to date specifically for ChuvSU by the JSC "ChEAZ", they are designed to teach the staff, customers ordering the enterprise products, for planned training of the plant personnel, undergraduates majoring in "relay protection" and "power supply."

The guests also visited a unique laboratory for modeling electric power systems. It was created with the support of RPE "Dynamics" and JSC "VNIIR" in the framework of the program "Personnel for the Regions" and is intended for research in graduate and postgraduate studies, patent research.

Having examined all the laboratories, the head of the Republic noted that he was impressed by what was done at the Chuvash State University named after I. N. Ulianov for training a demanded personnel in the field of electric power industry. "I am grateful to the heads of enterprises who make huge investments, make a significant contribution to the intellectual development of students together with the University," said Mikhail Ignatiev.

Then a round table was held with the participation of representatives of enterprises, academic teaching staff and students of energy and electrical engineering faculty, in which where they discussed further development of digital technologies in the energy sector and staff training.

It is noted that the University and enterprises carry out scientific research to solve the problems of creating and mastering the production of modern, competing with leading foreign companies, electrical devices for enterprises of the energy complex of Russia.

Today, 80% of graduates of energy and electrical engineering faculty are employed at the enterprises of the electrical cluster. More than 85% of students trained by master’s degree program work at enterprises on a part-time basis. More than 30 highly qualified employees of the cluster enterprises teach and participate in training bachelors and masters at the power supply and electrical engineering faculty.

The head of the Republic emphasized that the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation give a good assessment to the effective work of the region on the development of the electrical cluster.

Currently, the electrotechnical cluster includes 29 organizations that produce more than 100 000 products. The share of Chuvash producers in the market of electrical equipment relay protection and automation of the Russian Federation today is more than 40%. Electrical engineering enterprises of Chuvashia participated in the implementation of major projects, such as the reconstruction of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP and automation of in-core instrumentation system at Novovoronezh, Leningrad and Rostov nuclear power plants; oil and gas pipelines, ensuring the needs of the icebreaker fleet and reconstruction of Sevmash. The project of a mobile digital substation for the oil and gas industry - a block complete transformer digital substation "North" is impelemented, it is designed for grid power supply of oil and gas facilities located in permafrost in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.

"We fit into the implementation of national projects. We produce goods that are in demand, develop import substitution, invest in intellectual development as the basic element for economic development and forming the import-substituting industrial policy" , - Mikhail Ignatiev said.

At the same time, the head of the region stressed that the realities of today require further unification of efforts made by education, science and production in order to become competitive in the modern world. "We must find tools to attract additional investments to create conditions conducive to the development of the electric power industry as a whole. Ideas should be translated into real production, to create products of tomorrow that will be sold outside the country", - the Head of the Republic said.

The head of the region outlined the prospects that open up for electrical enterprises of Chuvashia, taking into account their potential and demand in the framework of implementing major infrastructure projects of FSUE "Atomflot" and the Federal project "Northern sea route".

Mikhail Ignatiev presented the students certificates of appointment of the scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation.

The conversation was also attended by the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Leonid Cherkesov, Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic Sergey Kudryashov and the Head of the town of Cheboksary Evgeny Kadyshev.


To the 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory, Students of ChuvSU Historical and Geographical Faculty Created an Internet Project «Soldiers of Chuvashia»

Saturday, 21.12.19

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, students of ChuvSU historical and geographical faculty decided to perpetuate in the vast global network the memory of Chuvashia's natives, who participated in the Great Patriotic war.  Thanks to the grant from Rosmolodezh, the young people created an Internet project "Soldiers of Chuvashia".

The project is still in the process of creation, but its main profile has already been outlined. "Video and photo chronicle", "Evacuation and labor front", "Natives and residents of Chuvashia - Heroes of the Soviet Union and full Cavaliers of the order of Glory" - this is only part of the sections at the new website "Soldiers of Chuvashia", developed and filled by students of ChuvSU historical and geographical faculty. The project started to be implemented in September this year with the approval of the University rector and the support of Rosmolodezh. Already now you can go to the portal and see some archival documents.-

The project is unique in its own way, since such a multimedia component has not yet been created. And of course, the government of the Republic and the rector of ChSU Aleksandrov Andrey Yurievich gave the task to implement this project. It is with this that the work began to create the Map of military graves and memorial monuments located on the territory of the Republic, - said associate professor of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Alexander Grigoriev.

Now this map is one of the sections of the site. A significant work on creating and filling of the portal is performed by one of the students - Dmitry Kharitonov. Initially, he says, it was difficult, I did not know many nuances of working with sites, but perseverance and the desire to preserve the history of the ancestors brought to the result. - Ihad to self-study. I read articles, watched video tutorials, consulted with some friends. Now there is a website, you can go to it and view all this information, - says the 4th year student of the historical and geographical faculty at I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, Dmitry Kharitonov.

The portal will also host such unique archival materials as soldiers' letters. In this matter, a great help to students of historical-geographical faculty is provided by employees of the State Archives of Chuvashia. Together they found dozens of funerals and triangle letters. The Chuvash often wrote letters in the national language. But this only complicated the process of its delivery to the addressee.

It had to be translated first, and then it passed military censorship, and was sent to the addressee. That is, the letters either were not delivered, sometimes, to the addressees, or were delayed, or the addressee received them, but with some corrections made, - said the chief archivist of the sector for using documents of the archival Fund of the State Archive of modern history Lyudmila Vasilyeva.

In the nearest future the students will have even more painstaking work - collecting memories from the surviving veterans, downloading their photos and documents from personal archives. The creators of the portal hope that the project will intensify activities in the region on historical and civil-patriotic education and increase the level of knowledge about the history of Russia and Chuvashia.

December, 19 - Opening of Scientific Collaboration House named after S. A. Abrukov

Thursday, 19.12.19

This year  a research center for children - the House of scientific collaboration named after S. A. Abrukov  began to function at I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, where schoolchildren are taught in the fields which are in high demand in the Russian Federation and the Chuvash Republic, including IT-sphere, engineering, robotics.

The House of scientific collaboration named after S. A. Abrukov was created within the framework of the Federal project "Success of every child" of the national project "Education" in the Chuvash Republic.

Collaboration in science is collaboration of scientists belonging to different laboratories or research groups in order to carry out jointly a certain project. The House of scientific collaboration named after S. A. Abrukov will unite scientists of the University, students and schoolchildren  to solve the project tasks.

The aim of this project is to create a new educational innovation environment that will form necessary skills and competencies in students and future professionals to meet the challenges of the digital economy. First of all, these are soft competencies related to project thinking, project management.

The center created at I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU  was given the name of the first vice-rector for scientific work of the University, the founder of the first in Chuvashia problem research laboratory "Physics of unstable combustion" Sergey A. Abrukov; the scientist who received world recognition for his work in developing the methods for controlling the processes of combustion, for development of shadow, interference and holographic research methods.

Currently the House of scientific collaboration named after S. A. Abrukov implements the programs of supplementary education for children: "Robotics", "Programming in Python", "Chess", as well as 8 introductory educational programs for children of different ages, consisting of modules in various areas. More than 400 people have become residents of the Center this year.

As part of the Federal marathon of discoveries at the House of Scientific Collaboration named after  S. A. Abrukov will hold: panel discussion "My ecological position" with participation of members of the Chuvash Republic government, representatives of educational institutions, enterprises and public organizations. The discussion will be held in an online format, it will be broadcast in the social network Vkontakte and on YouTube platform with the opportunity to ask questions via the Internet.

On the opening day, an agreement will be signed on creating the Consortium of the Chuvash Republic "Development of eco – competence", the founders of the Consortium will be I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, the Interregional competence center - Cheboksary Electromechanical College, Children's Technopark "Quantorium" of the town of Cheboksary, Children's Technopark "Quantorium" of the town of  Novocheboksarsk, "IT-cube" of the town of Kanash, the Center of extracurricular work "Etker" (Center for gifted children and youth), the Russian ecological society, tyhe Association of Recyclables processors "Ecotechnopark of Chuvashia", the branch of JSC "Waste Management" in Novocheboksarsk.

The residents of the House of scientific collaboration named after S. A. Abrukov will organize a fair of environmental projects, where schoolchildren,  students and youth public organizations will share their experience of environmental activities.

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