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Meeting of Universities Rectors Council of the Chuvash Republic

Wednesday, 16.10.19

On October 15, the first meeting of Universities Rectors Council of the Chuvash Republic took place in the building "A" of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University.  The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of Universities Rectors Council of the Chuvash Republic, the ChuvSU Rector, A. Yu. Aleksandrov.

Rectors of educational institutions of higher education spoke on the first issue of the agenda - on the results of the admission campaign in universities in 2019 and organization of career guidance in the 2019/20 academic year,. They noted a positive practice of universities in performing coordinated career guidance work with schoolchildren of graduating classes and graduates of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums; this work was supported by the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Chuvash Republic. The heads of educational institutions of higher education and branches are recommended: to develop close ties with vocational education institutions; to conduct the 2020 admission campaign within the framework of current legislation and existing legal documents; to implement the decisions on pricing policy for admission to higher education institutions in the 2020/21 academic year.

The report "On the state of anti-corruption work in educational institutions of higher education located in the territory of the Chuvash Republic" was made by the Vice-rector for academic Affairs of the Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I. Ya. Yakovlev S. V. Ilyina. Members of the Rectors Council of Chuvashia made the decision to recommend the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation: to systematically send recommendations and materials summarizing the best practices of universities in the prevention of anti-corruption manifestations to educational organizations of higher education; to organize a cycle of methodological courses (seminars) for  the management of higher education institutions on the subject under consideration. The Republic's educational organizations of higher education are recommended to use more actively the resource of social networks on counteracting corruption and the potential of trained volunteers for carrying out actions of anti-corruption orientation.

Acting head of the center for supplementary education of the Chuvash State University, E. S. Muravyova Informed about the results of the strategic session (seminar-meeting) on supplementary education, organized by the Russian Ministry of education and science on September, 27 at Nizhny Novgorod National Research State University named after N. I. Lobachevsky. Educational institutions of higher education of the Republic are recommended: to develop distance learning, including with the use of on-line technologies, which will allow citizens to continuously update their professional knowledge and acquire new professional skills, including competencies in the field of digital economy; to attract representatives of the real sector of the economy to participate in supplementary professional education programs; to develop supplementary education programs for citizens of pre-retirement, retirement age and labor migrants.

The meeting also approved the work plan of Universities Rectors Council of the Chuvash Republic for the 2019/20 academic year.

Cooperation with Uzbekistan is a Priority

Tuesday, 15.10.19


Education and science are among the priority areas of cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan, as was emphasized by the the Russian Federation Ministry of science and higher education. Deputy Minister Marina Borovskaya explains that the results of cooperation between universities of Russia and Uzbekistan are monitored by the Russian Ministry of education and science, as they characterize quantitative and qualitative indicators of joint activities on staff training for various areas of economic cooperation between the two countries and are taken into account by heads of subjects of the Russian Federation in  preparing and implementing agreements with constituent entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan on trade-economic, scientific-technical and humanitarian cooperation.

The leadership of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University gives great importance to enhancing the work in this direction. The result is  including new Uzbekistan  universities in the orbit of partnership relations. So, the day before the news came that between I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University and Samarkand State University (its is rector R. I. Khalmuradov, Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor) a cooperation agreement was signed.


Samarkand State University was founded on January 22, 1927. Today, about 13,000 students study at 14 faculties and 63 departments in 34 educational areas and 40 magistracy specialties. More than 800 professors and lecturers work here, including 3 Academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 80 Doctors of sciences, and 311 Candidates of sciences. In more than 40 specialties there are  doctoral programs for supporting theses to obtain the degree of Doctor of philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of science (DSc.), there are Scientific Councils in 9 specialties. The University has a library with more than 3 million units of scientific and educational literature, including about 15,000 valuable books and manuscripts, as well as 3 academic lyceums, 4 museums and other subdivisions.


Mikhail Ignatiev Welcomed the Participants of the XIII All-Russian Contest of Intelligence, Creativity and Sport "Miss and Mister Studentship of Russia»

Friday, 11.10.19

111019 66

On October 11, the Head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatiev visited the gala concert of the XIII All-Russian contest of intelligence, creativity and sport "Miss and Mister Studentship of Russia", which was held at I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Palace of Culture.

The head of the Republic warmly welcomed the participants and guests of the contest. "You have come to demonstrate your abilities and skills. This is a golden page in your history. You are purposeful, talented, energetic, successfully master academic disciplines, passionate about science, creativity, sports. We are glad and happy that a strong, powerful young generation of patriots is growing in the country, able to take the future of the country into their own hands,"  Mikhail Ignatiev stressed.

The head of the region expressed gratitude to the organizers - the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and The Russian Youth Union for choosing Chuvashia as the venue for the next All-Russian contest of intelligence, creativity and sports "Miss and Mister Studentship of Russia".

The competition is annual and is held to identify and support talented youth, promote and popularize student creativity, develop social and cultural ties of the youth community, preserve and enhance the cultural traditions of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

The thirteenth final brought together 41 representatives from 26 regions of the country in the Chuvash Republic. During the week, the contestants went through several stages of preparation and today presented the final result of their activities.

The qualities of students were evaluated comprehensively, because to be the best in everything you need to have not only creative and intellectual abilities of a high level; you need to be a physically and spiritually strong, merciful, kind, active and purposeful person.

That's what the contestants were trying to prove. Every day from morning till late evening they went through grueling rehearsals and photo shoots, participated in socially significant events and actions, took part in planting trees, learned to represent their achievements, communicated with each other and searched for themselves, their role and place in the new team.

The Chairman of the jury – the Chairman of the Russian Youth Union Pavel Krasnorutsky in an interview with journalists noted the huge support from the executive authorities of Chuvashia and the active position of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, who helped to hold the XIII All-Russian contest "Miss and Mister Studentship of Russia-2019" in Chuvashia at the highest level. "There is a very good team of organizers in the region. All our initiatives are supported here", he said.


Students Together with the Rector Summed up the Results of the "Russian Energy Week -2019»

Thursday, 10.10.19

On the 9th of October in one of scientific and educational laboratories of Energy and Electrical Engineering Faculty the Rector of the University A. Yu. Aleksandrov, while having a cup of fragrant tea, held a working meeting with the participants of the "Russian Energy Week -2019".

This year's REN youth day-2019 brought together more than 3,000 schoolchildren, students and specialists from Russia and other countries. The forum hosted engineering championships, foresight sessions and the final stages of federal and corporate youth competitions. ChuvSU representatives successfully competed with students of Russian and foreign energy universities, young entrepreneurs and energy specialists in thematic quests, attended interactive sessions. A student in the master's programme, Victoria Anisimova received a diploma of the winner of the Nation-wide competition of final qualifying works in electric power and electrotechnical subjects.

The Rector, A. Yu. Aleksandrov warmly congratulated the members of the delegation of energy and electrical engineering faculty on the successful presentation of the University at such a prestigious forum, wished further success in implementing the most daring projects at a higher level. Students with great admiration told about participation in the Youth day of "Russian Energy Week -2019", shared their immediate plans in research and project activities, thanked the leadership of the University for all-round assistance and support for their promising endeavors.


The Chuvash State University Became the Third in the National Ranking According to the Results of Professional and Public Accreditation Performed by the National Fund for Supporting Innovation in the Educational Sphere

Wednesday, 09.10.19

091019 8

The National Fund for supporting innovations in Education (NFPI, ) for the first time published "Rating on the results of professional and public accreditation". Its main indicator is a professionally-public accreditation of programmes of higher education institutions in the world recognized accreditation agencies. I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU is ranked 3rd among Russian universities.

Professional and public accreditation of educational programs is recognition of the quality and the level of graduates’ training. It is carried out by employers, their associations, as well as authorized national professional and public organizations that are part of international structures (the Federal Law "On education", article 96, pp.3 and 4).

It should be reminded that 61 educational program of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University passed professional and public accreditation in authoritative independent accreditation bodies (as Certification Agency "Russian Register", the National center for professional and public accreditation).

Igor Poverinov,ChuvSU Vice-rector for academic Affairs:

"Professional and public accreditation seriously affects the admission control figures and the process of state accreditation, that is why it is an important criterion of efficiency for us. I would like to note that now we plan to launch a pilot process of obtaining international accreditation of the medical faculty as an advanced one in terms of educational services export."

Vasily Makolov, the head of ChuvSU educational and methodical department:

"Such results in the ranking are very important for us. In terms of professional and public accreditation, we constantly interact with key accreditation agencies of Russia connected to the ENQA (European Association for quality assurance of higher education) network within the Bologna process, so our programs meet international criteria."

The Best Students of the Country Are Determined In Cheboksary

Tuesday, 08.10.19

Intellectuals, athletes and just excellent students

"We are Russian students!"' students' voices rang out over the Embankment in unison on Sunday afternoon. One of the stages of the All-Russian contest "Miss and Mister of the Russian Studentship-2019" was held at the monument to the Mother. The participants in the national costumes of the regions that they represent, stretched a large Russian tricolor and sang the anthem of the Russian Federation. Even the rain stopped at this time, and only a cold wind blew from the Volga River. It was cold for girls in silk dresses, stylized national costumes, but they steadfastly withstood harsh weather conditions. Running to warm buses, they laughed: "The weather is not great, but the city is beautiful. And what wonderful people live here!»

42 persons from 27 regions of the country came to the capital of Chuvashia to compete for the victory in the All-Russian competition of intelligence, creativity and sports, which is held for the thirteenth time. Last year, the winners were a student of the Chuvash state University Polina Yakovleva and Ivan Teplov from Saratov, a student of the Volga Institute of management at RANEPA.

Despite the fact that the event has already become a tradition, its organizers have prepared a surprise for the contenders for the victory: it is in Cheboksary that the student-winner for the first time will receive a crown, which was made in the colors of the tricolor.


700 universities in 65 regions of the country hold competitions to choose the best students

To get to the final, young people first had to win in such competitions in their region. And judging by the fact that the main criteria were not their appearance, but creativity, high intelligence and sports training, the future intellectual elite of the country gathered in Chuvashia. Our Republic is represented by a future technologist in machine-building production Polina Zinovieva and a future lawyer Vyacheslav Krasnov.

Uneasy tasks are waiting for them: it will be necessary to demonstrate sports training, the ability to solve problems, sing, dance... And in addition, in memory of themselves, young people will plant 550 trees in the Volga region. Probably, it is clear to everyone that this figure is not accidental — in the year of Cheboksary's anniversary, another figure would be senseless.

081019 2

Photo at Twenty young men and twenty-two girls claim to be the best of the best students in the country. They reached the final of the nationwide competition, and everyone deserves this title, but only two will be lucky to become "Miss and Mister Studentship".

At the opening ceremony, the rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, Andrey Aleksandrov said: "We are partners with many universities that you represent, and they have made their efforts to get you here. We hope that you will spend your time with maximum benefit."

Andrey Yurievich is sure that today it is not sufficient just to study well. He needs to constantly update his knowledge, to be able to work in a team, because the time of single specialists has passed, to play sports - the current load can not be tolerated without proper physical training.

Zemfira Baydavletova from the Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after Miftakhetdin Akmulla honestly admitted - if not for sports, it would not be easy for her to become the first in her Republic. Her parents live in the suburbs, and she lives independently from them in Ufa, so she works part-time in the field of IT-technologies and in addition teaches computer science to  junior schoolchildren. She believes that such hardships are a good test of strength, the ability to focus on the essentials.

At Anhui University in China, a ChuvSU Student Studied the Ancient Art of Jianzhi

Monday, 07.10.19

Students of our University are pass training in Chinese universities. Thanks to the warm welcome and great friendship with the Chinese universities, many of our students were able to visit China.

Friendship can be based on  similarity of views, interests, hobbies. Thus, a complex technique of cutting patterns from paper "Jianzhi" helped a student of ChuvSU Economics faculty Tatyana Timofeeva to make friends during her year-long internship in China with a teacher of Anhui University of the town of  Hefei in Anhui province of the People's Republic of China Bao Ding.

Bao Ding teaches traditional Chinese painting and ancient Jianzhi art, recognized by UNESCO as part of the world cultural heritage. The traditional art of carving complex patterns, according to archaeologists, dates back to the VI century and served for religious rituals and interior decoration. Images cut from paper usually have a symbolic meaning, so they were often used to decorate sacrifices or funeral rites. Currently, they are used as decoration of windows, walls, mirrors, lamps, lanterns. After all, Jianzhi is carved exclusively by hand. The master puts not only his imagination, but his soul as well.

Learning Jianzhi technique is quite difficult. That is why every weekend Tatiana attended classes on Jianzhi and got more and more attached to the traditional culture of China. The teacher Bao Ding admired Tatiana's works . In China,  red paper is usually used for carving, as red symbolizes prosperity and well-being. Jianzhi also requires scissors, a sharp knife, perseverance and patience.

After returning from China, Tatiana continued distance learning Jianzhi from his teacher. Today, thanks to the huge work for a whole year, the teacher of ancient art Jianzhi shared his finished version of the panoramic view of Hefei with Tatiana. This Jianzhi depicts the architectural monuments of the city's scientific and technological attractions, landscapes of Chaohu and Dagushan, and more.

This painstaking work took the teacher Ding more than a year and he completed it in the form of a 15-meter roll of Jianzhi, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of  founding the People's Republic of China, which is celebrated annually on October, 1. According to Bao Ding himself, for this work he visited many sites, took hundreds and thousands of photos, wrote a script and collected a large amount of information. He expressed the hope that through this Jianzhi he would acquaint Hefei with the outside world, and the residents themselves with the beauty of their city.

Would you like to visit Hefei? You can get acquainted with the art of Jianzhi made by the teacher Ding  in the near future at the Center for the study of China at the Chuvash state University.

Professor O. N. Shirokov Made a Report at the International Conference

Monday, 07.10.19

071019 890

On the 3rd - 4th of October the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IVI RAS) held an international conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of founding the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. The Dean of the faculty of history and geography of the Chuvash State University, holder of Habilitation degree in Historical Sciences, Professor Oleg Shirokov took part in the conference and made a report "Regional component of integration in the CMEA system (on the materials of Chuvashia)".

The conference was opened by the speeches of its organizers: the Director of the IVI RAS are Professor Mikhail Lipkin, RAS Academicians Alexander Chubaryan and Vladimir Baranovsky.

During the conference the sites of its carrying out changed: MEIMO Research Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS Green hall, small conference hall of CMEA's former building in New Arbat street (now the Moscow Government). Among the guests there were scientists from many European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, the UK), Asia (China), the USA, scientists of leading scientific and educational centers: London school of Economics, Institute of Political studies in Grenoble, Berlin Technical University, Institute of History and Culture of Eastern Europe named after Leibniz, University of Helsinki, Yale University, University of Hong Kong, University of Amsterdam, University of Leipzig. Russian researchers were represented by IVI RAS, Research Institute of  MEIMO RAS, Institute of Slavic studies at RAS, RGAE, Chelyabinsk and Chuvash State universities.

The conference was held with the assistance of Leonid Slutsky, the Chairman of the Board of the Russian Peace Foundation and the Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma.


Interest To the Medical Faculty Is Growing

Monday, 07.10.19

141019 55

This year, the Medical Faculty conducted fascinating excursions with visits to the Center of accreditation and simulation training, interactive training "Fundamental Medicine" and the anatomical museum for colleagues from the Anqing Medical College of Anhui province (China), the delegation of the Chinese Embassy in the Russian Federation ( Moscow), the Consulate General of the PRC in Kazan, the representatives of 17 Chinese universities during the forum of Universities Association "The Volga - the Yangtze", 10 Japanese nationals and 4 citizens of Bulgaria, who passed training at the summer school of the Russian language at the faculty of Russian and Chuvash Philology and Journalism. On October 2, our University was visited by a foreign inspector general of "Weidong Cloud Education Group" (People's Republic of China), Deputy Director of the Center for International Exchanges at Hebei Institute of Business and Economics Hou Yilong and an expert consultant on international business cooperation of "Weidong Cloud Education Group" E. B. Boev. This week 4 students of the autumn school of the Russian language and culture from Slovakia plan to visit the medical faculty.


Expanding the Boundaries of International Cooperation

Wednesday, 02.10.19

021019 8

a On October 2, our University was visited by foreign General inspector of "Weidong Cloud Education Group" (People's Republic of China), Deputy Director of the center for international exchanges at Hebei Institute of Business and Economics Hou Yilong and an expert consultant on international business cooperation at "Weidong Cloud Education Group" E. B. Boyev.

The guests discussed with the Vice-rector for scientific work E. N. Kadyshev and the head of the Department of international programs and academic mobility E. V. Nuzhdayeva the issues of developing academic exchange programs for students, concluding the agreement with Hebei Institute of Business and Economics, issues of double degree agreements, of mutual participation in summer language schools, distance learning programs, etc.


"From Human Capital to Human Potential". The Rector of the Chuvash State University Andrey Aleksandrov Performed as a Speaker at the Panel Discussion at the International Conference of Education EDCRUNCH-2019

Wednesday, 02.10.19

021019 79

For the sixth consecutive year, the international conference EDCRUNCH brings together all those who are not indifferent to innovative educational processes. Developers of educational services and applications, teachers, methodologists, managers in education, private funds, investors and experimenters gather and exchange experience on one platform. This year, the founder of the Center for education redesign of Harvard University (USA) Charles Fadel, the author of the Finnish educational system Pasi Salberg (Australia), the author of the world's most popular online course Learn how to learn (USA) Barbara Oakley, a special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on digital and technological development Dmitry Peskov, a TV presenter Tutta Larsen and dozens of other invited experts, including ChuvSU Rector, Andrey Aleksandrov.

The Rector of the Chuvash State University Andrey Aleksandrov spoke at the panel discussion " New opportunities: digital transformation of continuing education in the context of national projects", where he discussed with colleagues a new strategy for  implementing additional education programs, as well as the goals and objectives of the Federal project "New Opportunities for Everyone". Other experts of the platform were Director of the Department of state policy in higher education at the Russian Ministry of education Ekaterina Babelyuk, acting Director of the Department of information technologies in science and higher education at the Ministry of education Anthony Schwindt and General Director of University 20.35 Vasily Tretyakov

The discussion was moderated by Evgeny Szhenov, a leading expert at the HSE Institute of education. He stressed that the subject of continuing professional education is not just a trend of state policy, but  in the center of discussion and attention of the expert community as well. "The common task is to make sure that the system of additional education in universities continued to develop, so that the tasks set by the state were also implemented, not hanging in the air." 

"It is through additional professional education that we can very quickly get a new competence in a short time and qualitatively change the workforce and, accordingly, move to new approaches in our economy," Ekaterina Babelyuk said in her speech. 

"The state today sees universities as potentially much more serious players in the market of additional education. And the fact that our University has significantly added in this area, expanding the list of educational programs and increasing the number of retraining and advanced training – fully corresponds to the named trend. According to APE programs in 2018, the University trained 10 500 people – - said the rector of the Chuvash State University Andrey Aleksandrov. – Where we need to add is in the use of distance learning technologies. With this purpose in the course of the conference we were able to establish new contacts with universities and with specialized institutions of additional professional education".


Forum " Student work and Training on Probation as a Means of Social Mobility»

Wednesday, 02.10.19

021019 3

ChuvSU Vice-rector on educational work I. E. Poverinov and the Student Council Chairman O. A. Semenova in the 1st-2nd of October in the management workshop "Senezh" take part in the educational forum "Student work and Training on Probation as a Means of Social Mobility" for representatives of universities administrations and leaders of student associations. Its purpose is to inform about the opportunities of the project "Professional Training 2.0", its advantages for business and education. 

On the first day of the forum, heads of HR departments of key partners (Roscosmos, RUSAL, Aeroflot, Rosseti, VEB.RF, DOM.RF) told what graduates they want to see.  Representatives of the administrations of the country’s leading universities shared the best practices of training demanded specialists and employment of graduates.

Today, representatives of relevant ministries will tell representatives of universities about the national projects "Science", "Education", "Digital economy" in the context of practice-oriented education. The forum will end with an expert session "How to improve the quality of education and employment of graduates: new mechanisms, forms and legislative initiatives". 


Conference Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Professor Valentina Amosova

Tuesday, 01.10.19

The medical faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University hosted the All-Russian scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of RSFSR and the ChASSR worker of science, holder of Habilitation Degree in medical Sciences, Professor Valentina Amosova. Valentina Vasilievna was the Dean of ChuvSU medical faculty in 1969-1985, she was the founder and the head of the Department of normal and topographic anatomy in 1967-1989, she made a huge contribution to the medical faculty formation as well as she was an active public figure of the Chuvash Republic.

The conference was opened by the Dean of the medical faculty Professor V. N. Diomidova. Vice-rector for scientific work, Professor E. N. Kadyshev made a welcoming speech to the participants and guests.  Professor L. M. Merkulova, who worked with Professor V. V. Amosova from the very foundation of the Department of normal anatomy, acquainted with Valentina Vasilievna's life and work. Professor V. E. Sergeeva in her report "Interchangeable values" showed parallels in the activities of two great women in the history of the medical faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University - professors V. V. Amosova and D. S. Gordon.

During the plenary session the guests of the conference made reports: Professor O. V. Shurygina (Samara State University) with the report "The Present and the Future of Clinical Embryology", Associate Professor O. E. Mirgorodskaya (Military Medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov) with the report "Interferon interactions in the conditions of skin tissues disintegration", assistant E. N. Burakova with the report on echocardiographic changes in girls engaged in rhythmic gymnastics.  Assistant of the Department of normal and topographic anatomy with operative surgery A. A. Kotelkina and a graduate student O. M. Arlashkina presented the results of their research. 

Guests of the conference visited the department of normal and topographic anatomy with operative surgery and the department of general and clinical morphology and forensic medicine, visited the center of interactive training "Fundamental medicine" and with great interest got acquainted with the anatomical museum, participated in the round table " Teaching morphological disciplines at present stage: successes and difficulties", and got acquainted with the sights of the town of Cheboksary.

The materials of the conference will be published by the Chuvash State University in a collection of works "Morphological Sciences and Clinical Medicine".


Student of Chuvash State University Polina Petukhova Won the World Grand Prix in Kickboxing " World Grand Prix WAKO-2019»

Tuesday, 01.10.19

The competitions have been held in the Czech capital since 2011. Until recently, they had the status of the European Cup. However, the current competition in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe was first presented as a tournament "Grand Prix" of the World Association of kickboxing organizations (WAKO). 220 participants from 17 countries and 100 clubs took part in the tournament which defined the strongest in all weight categories among juniors-males and juniors-women, men and women acted. The winners received championship belts.

Among the participants of the competition was a student of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU chemical and pharmaceutical faculty Polina Petukhova, who showed a good result. The trainee of Chuvashia's honored coach Sergey Shaberdin performed in the weight category up to 52 kg among women, where she competed with 11 representatives of Poland, Belarus, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine. During 2 days Polina held 3 matches - against athletes from Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic. By the results of all meetings in the ring, our athlete won a confident victory and won the championship belt.

We congratulate Polina and her trainer with the international victory and wish them new achievements!


I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Is A Partner of the Project PROFESSIONAL TRAINIG 2.0

Wednesday, 25.09.19

"Professional training" is a joint project of the All-Russian National front and the platform "Russia is the country of opportunities" (hereinafter-the Project), which contributes to solving the tasks set out in the" May" decree of the Russian Federation President V. V. Putin and is implemented to execute the Federal project "Social Elevators for Everybody" of the national project "Education".

The aim of the Project is to improve the quality of training for highly qualified specialists for the Russian economy.

The Project's objectives are: creating social elevators for the talented youth; development of practice-oriented approach and project methods in education; increasing the interest of students and young professionals in innovation.

The project is implemented in the format of the All-Russian competition of student works, in which course and final qualifying works performed by University students basing on cases (practice-oriented tasks) prepared by the partners of the competition (companies, organizations, authorities) from any region of the country are evaluated in order to identify real business qualities and competencies, to support professional development of active, purposeful youth.

Participation in the Project makes it possible for the University to expand the information base for implementing students' course and final qualifying works, as well as to establish new partnership contacts with leading employers.

Project partners, including the largest companies, enterprises and Ministries of the Russian Federation in the framework of the Project carry out selection of the best participants for practical training and/or internships and employment opportunities, and professional development of young professionals.

More than 3000 cases from 900 partners-employers operating in 80 regions of the Russian Federation are placed on the official portal of the Project (professional training.RF). Active young audience carries out selection of relevant cases for the regions, economic activities and areas of study of students. 

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