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Issuesof Practice-Oriented Training Were Discussed

Thursday, 16.11.17

161117 1

During a visit to the municipal dental clinic the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov and the Chuvash Republic Public health minister V. N. Victorov met with teachers of clinical departments. They examined issues of organization of practice-oriented simulation training for students in prosthodontics and orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery and dentistry, pediatric stomatology.


Festival of Artistic Creativity of Lecturers and Employees "Golden Autumn”

Wednesday, 15.11.17

151117 10

On the 15th of November the Palace of culture of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University hosted aFestival of artistic creativity of Lecturers and Employees "Golden Autumn”. Its participants and guests were welcomed by the Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov.

As part of the Festival the results of the poetic contest "To you, dear University" were summed up. According to the results of a traditional sports meeting of lecturers employees "Cheerfulness and health"  the winner and winners in the overall team score were awarded with trophies and prizes (the 1stplace – the Faculty of medicine, the 2nd place – the Economic faculty, the 3rd place – the team of administration).


I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU First-Year Students will Receive an Educational Scholarship of Head of the Chuvash Republic

Saturday, 11.11.17


11 freshmen of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University will receive educational scholarships of the Head of the Chuvash Republic.

As we have informed, in June 2012 the Head of Chuvashia, Mikhail Ignatiev, in order to stimulate the development of physico-mathematical education in the Republic and to support talented youth established a monthly scholarship for outstanding advances in the study of physics and mathematics in the amount of 2 thousand rubles.

The main condition for future fellows is to graduate from one of the schools of the Republic, get the score of 70 or more points at the unified State exam in math and physics and to continue training in educational institutions of vocational education, located on the territory of the Chuvash Republic.

BACKGROUND: from 2013 to 2016 145 students wereawarded with scholarships, of whom 138 students are enrolled in I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU.


Acknowledgement to the University for Excellent Organization and Conducting anInternational Scientific-Methodical Seminar

Friday, 10.11.17

Russia's charge d'affaires in Kazakhstan A. A. Musienko sent a letter to the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov:

«Dear AndreyYurievich! Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan expresses its sincere gratitude to the staff of your university and the Dean of the Faculty of Russian and Chuvash philology and journalism IvanovaAlyonaMikhailovna for excellent organization and implementation of international scientific-methodical seminar for teachers of the Russian language and literature "Innovative approaches to lingvo-didactics: problems, perspectives, experience exchange» (Pavlodar city, 2-4 November 2017) as a project of the Federal targeted program "the Russian language" for 2016-2020.

Due to high professionalism of Chuvash teachers more than 120 teachers of Kazakhstan were able to learn new teaching methods, got a chance to work on four educational sites, master-classes and creative laboratories.

An unforgettable experience for the participants of the seminar was the concert of the Chuvash and Russian folk music, organized by Arts Faculty of your University. Special significance was given to the concert by invitation of Kazakhstan citizens, representatives of the Chuvash diaspora and its holding on the eve of the National Unity Day.

The seminar participants sincerely thanked your university teachers for the opportunity to gain new knowledge, share experiences, find new colleagues and expressed their common interest in development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan expresses its appreciation for the work of the Chuvash State University teachers and looks forward to continuing active work of your University on the territory of a friendly State.

Respectfully yours,

Russia's charge d'affaires in Kazakhstan                                                                                                                                         A.A. Musienko»


40 Bilateral Cooperation Agreements Were Signed at the Forum of Russia and Kazakhstan University Rectors in Chelyabinsk

Thursday, 09.11.17

091117 1

Within the framework of the XIV Forum of inter-regional cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan a Forum of Universities’ Rectors of the two Statestook place in Chelyabinsk. It was attended by the heads of 77 Russian and 49 Kazakh universities that signed 40 agreements aimed at promoting cooperation in education and science.

The participants of Rectors’Forum were welcomed on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin by the President's Plenipotentiary Representative in the Urals Federal District Igor Kholmanskykh: "Our peoples historically enjoy close friendship, cultural and economic ties. Expansion of cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan in the sphere of education and science has a paramount significance. Kazakhstan is a key partner of Russian universities. Today's event will undoubtedly help to strengthen relations, to adopt constructive decisions for effective collaboration in education and science”.

The Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky in his speech emphasized the need in enhanced cooperation between the two countries. 

The Russian Federation Minister of Education and Science Olga Vasilievain her reportreturned to the theme of the Forum – "Human Capital Development". She stressed that higher education was essential for human capitalformation, noting that it had to meet modern requirements.

Education and science Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Erlan Sagadiev called for closer interaction between universities in the field of fundamental sciencedevelopment, research training and improvement of professional education.

President of the Russian Rectors’ Union, the Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Victor Sadovnichy, summing up the Forum, noted that over many years of cooperation between higher educational institutions of Russia and Kazakhstan a huge database wasaccumulated. He drew the participants’attention to the need to maintain the quality of higher education, especially in natural sciences and in engineering disciplines.

The Forum of Rectors adopted a joint resolution on cooperation in science and education, preparation and training of students, sharing laboratory-technical base of universities, on implementing joint projects. 40 cooperation agreements were signed within the framework of the Forum between Russian and Kazakhstan universities.



Building «P» Completely Updated

Wednesday, 01.11.17

011117 7

On the 1st of November the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A.Yu. Aleksandrov visited the renovated building «P», its classrooms, the anatomical museum, office premises, got acquainted with the updated laboratory-technical base, talked with workers and students.

During the inspection, in which participated the pro-rector on administrative work A.N. Nikolaev, the Dean of the medical faculty, V.N. Diomidova, noted that building "P" was fully prepared for the educational process. When talking with the Rector teachers and students expressed gratitude for the great work to further improve teaching and laboratory facilities, creation of comfortable and safe conditions for work and study.


I.M. Ulianov Chuvash State University Joined the Chinese-Russian Association of Universities «the Yangtze River – the Volga River»

Tuesday, 31.10.17

311017 7

On the 27th -28th of October, the vice-rector for academic affairs I. E. Poverinov and the Director of the Chinese cultural center and the Center for China study of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University M.N. Krasnova in Chengdu (People's Republic of China) participated in the work of the Chinese-Russian Forum of Universities Association «Yangtze – Volga». M. N. Krasnova spoke at the plenary session with a report "On organisation of student mobility (using the example of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU)", I.E. Poverinov made a presentation at the rectors' forum of universities association.

The Forum officially announced creation of universities association «Yangtze – Volga», which consisted of 36 Russian and 29 Chinese universities. The aim of the Association is to identify active potential of cooperation of universities in China and Russia, to integrate and share Universities’ opportunities, deepen the inter-university cooperation in scientific, technical, research, innovation, medical and health spheres.


Another Victory of the University in the Nationwide Contest «Specialists for MIC» («New Staff for MIC»)

Tuesday, 31.10.17

311017 1Since 2014 the University has been conducting active work on students target teaching for enterprises of the military-industrial complex, participating and winning competitions of projects for MIC enterprises. During the period of 2014-2016 the University professors developed and submitted 18 modules-projects, 15 of them won. Educational programs being implemented correspond to priority areas of science, technology and engineering, and to the list of critical technologies in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated July 7, 2011 № 899 "On approval of priority directions for the development of science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation and the list of critical technologies of the Russian Federation ".

Three main enterprises of the Chuvash Republic MIC (joint-stock company "Cheboksary industrial association named after V. I. Chapayev», joint stock company «Scientific production complex "ELARA" named after G.A. Ilyenko» and joint-stock company "Cheboksary electric equipment plant» take an active part in competitions. Thus, from 2014 to 2016 63 ChuvSU students became participants in competitive projects.

In October 2017 the University started implementation of new projects aimed at training 14 students. The projects were announced tender’s winners by the decision of the Commission on competitive selection of projects to improve the content and technologies of targeted students’ training of federal higher education educational institutions subordinated to The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, in the interests of the military-industrial complex organizations.

 «Training of highly qualified personnel in the field of power electronics for control systems of highly-maneuverable objects» is implemented by radio and electronics faculty together with the joint stock company«Elara»;

 «Training of highly qualified personnel in the field of development of rubber products for MIC» is implemented by chemical and pharmaceutical faculty together with the joint-stock company «Cheboksary industrial association named after V. I. Chapayev»;

«Training of highly qualified personnel for MIC enterprises in the field of design, construction and operation of electrical devices» is implemented together with the joint-stock company "Cheboksary electric equipment plant»»;

 «Training of highly qualified personnel for MIC enterprises testing and commissioning of electrical equipment for substations» is implemented together with the joint-stock company "Cheboksary electric equipment plant»»;

«Training of highly qualified personnel in the field of design, development and production of special-purpose electric apparatus» the joint-stock company "Cheboksary electric equipment plant».

The University plans to continue participating in such competitions. 


The University Hosts a Nationwide Scientific Conference

Friday, 27.10.17

271017 8

On the 27th – 28th of October I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University hosted the V Nationwide Scientific Conference "Nanostructured materials and solar energy converting plants".

Today the opening of the conference took place. The Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov addressed to the participants. He noted relevance of reports on nanotechnology and solar energy development, stressed the importance of the participation of students, young scientists, postgraduates, professionals of innovative enterprises in the debate on scientific issues.

In the plenary of the conference a speech was also made by a professor of Trent University in Peterborough (Canada) I.M. Svishchev.

During two days the Conference will hear reports on the results of experimental, theoretical and applied research.


Our Students Are Among the Best

Friday, 27.10.17

271017 9

In August this year, on the basis of “Talent and Success” Education Foundation the first student science and education school-conference on genetics and biotechnology was held in Sochi, it was attended 62 students, of whom 47 were holders of the Russian President’s grants and 15 are graduates of the Sirius Educational Centre, who are studying biology, biotechnology, chemistry, medicine, bioengineering and bioinformatics as well as students of mathematics. It is pleasant to note that 3-year-students of ChuvSU medical faculty Daria Alekseyeva and Vera Alexandrova participated in the school conference. Since the first course they have received a grant from the President of the Russian Federation.

Daria Alexeyeva: «I had the opportunity to become a party to the first student scientific-educational school-conference on genetics and biotechnologies, which lasted for five days at the Education Center "Sirius". During lectures we discussed most relevant to date issues related to my future profession – medicine: recent advances in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, prospects for gene and cell therapy, genetic engineering, and more. In addition to interesting lectures there was a practical part where we allocated our own DNA from epithelium with its subsequent sequencing. Work in the laboratory was unforgettable! The format of the school was very useful: during discussion tables and seminars each participant could share their opinions and to ask lecturers questions.

There is no doubt, knowledge and experience I gained at the event, will contribute to the development of scientific and clinical thinking that is so necessary to a future doctor. I am so much pleased that I was lucky enough to be part of this event and get a lot of positive emotions and useful information”.

Vera Aleksandrova: «It was for the first time that I participated in such a scientific event. During the week we listened to interesting reports of academic geneticists, employees of large genetic laboratories, professors of the best universities in the country. We were told about the achievements of our scientists, explained the complexities of genetics, biology, and biotechnology. Everyone had the opportunity to personally interact with experts and ask questions. I learned a lot of new and useful during those few days. Genetics opened for me with a new side. In our spare time, we bathed in the sea, went on trips, communicated with young people from all regions of the country. It's nice that the number of scientific schools increases. It motivates young people to achieve higher goals and develop horizons".


The University Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov participated in discussions on pedagogical education modernization

Saturday, 21.10.17

231017 3

On the 20th of October the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov participated in the All-Russia Conference to discuss the results of integrated project on pedagogical education modernization.The Conference, where a report was made by the Russian Federation Minister of education and science O. Yu.  Vasilieva, took placeat Moscow State Psychological-Pedagogical University. In her speech «Outcomes and prospects for the development of pedagogical educationin the Russian Federation», the Minister stressed the importance of educational and educational teacher’s mission.


Exploring the Chinese World

Friday, 20.10.17

201017 10

Students of economic faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Aleksandra Vasilieva and Tatiana Timofeeva are studying the Chinese language in Anhui University (China Republic) within the academic mobility program.Anhui University is a leading multidisciplinary state university included into "Project 211", which is a state program, developed by the Ministry of education of China, aimed at promotion of 100 key Chinese universities at the world level.

Aleksandra Vasilieva shared her impressions of life in China: «Anhui University is located in the capital city of Anhui Province, Hefei city, located between the Yangtze and the Huang He. Hefei is a small by Chinese standards town, where 4.8 million people live. The University campus, in which we live, is small but pretty cute and cozy. Here there is everything necessary for students’ life, small canteens, shops, sports fields, a barber, even markets where you can buy fruit. The campus territory is leafy, there are two ponds. Our academic building is in a five minute walk from the hostel. In our group of 24 personsthere students from Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Germany, Israel, Brazil, North Africa, which is indicative of great interest in the Chinese language worldwide.

We study four major disciplines – reading, writing, listening and speaking. Training is in English. It is difficult to study Chinese, but fascinating. It is interesting that some Chinese sounds are easier to pronounce for Russian and Ukrainians students than to representatives of other countries. It's even marked by our teachers. The Chinese language is easier to be studiedby people with hearing, because it is very melodic.

People in China are very friendly. If you're having trouble, there is always someone who will offer help».



The Chinese Businessmen are Interested in Developing Mutually Beneficial Cooperation with I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University

Thursday, 19.10.17

191017 6

On the 19th of October I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University was visited by an official delegation ofCheboksary’s twin city Anqing (People's Republic of China).Visitors from China visited laboratories of nanotechnology, optics and laser physics, solar power stations, Arts Faculty, the Palace of culture. In ChuvSU Chinese cultural center there was a meeting with the leadership, employees, and ChuvSU higher-education teaching personnel. Teachers and students of Arts Faculty prepared a cultural programfor the guests.During the discussion, both sides expressed their interest in development of mutually beneficial cooperation.


Anqing city is located in the southwestern part of Anhui Province of the People’s Republic of China. Its population is 5.6 million people. Anqing has a developed petrochemical, textile, automobile, tea and food industries. In 2016 an agreement between Cheboksary and Anqing was signed which established twinning relationships between our cities. The agreement implied a wide range of cooperation in various fields, including trade, economic, scientific-technical and humanitarian ties.



Working Meeting on Career Guidance

Tuesday, 17.10.17

171017 5

On the 16th of October the Conference Hall of building "G" of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University a working meeting between the University Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov andresponsible employees for career-guidance work, faculty admission officers and officers of the central admission committee took place. Andrey Yuryevich spoke in detail on those tasks that need to be addressed during the academic year for 2018 reception campaign to be successful. An important place in career-guidance work should be taken by increased awareness of potential entrants, educators, parents, working with gifted students, working on sites’ content etc.


VII International Arsentyeva Scientific Conference «Paradigm of University History and Perspectives of University Studies»

Monday, 16.10.17

161017 6

The VII international Arsentyeva scientific conference was timed to coincide with celebration of the 50th anniversary of the university. The subject of Arsentyeva scientific conference which has been held since 2008 in memory of a wonderful woman, vice-Rector, ChuvSU Professor A. V. Arsentyeva (1954-2007) has always been linked to educational problems. Thinking about organizing a scientific conference, devoted at the same time to the 50-th anniversary of the Chuvash State University, organizers debated long about the scientific problem that could unite researchers in different fields and would be relevant and debateable simultaneously.

As a result, the key theme of the current conference, «Paradigms of the University history and perspectives of University studies», was chosen the problem of university studies evolvement as a new interdisciplinary direction of socio-humanistic knowledge, in which researchers of history, jurisprudence, culture studies, philosophy, philology, pedagogy, medicine and even natural sciences could successfully cooperate. The subject of University studies is the university in all the diversity of its functions and relationships.

It has never happened earlier that the conference range of problems in the framework of Arsentyeva scientific conference elicited such a broad response from diverse backgrounds, united researchers from 46 cities of Russia and eight foreign countries (Armenia, China, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, USA, Turkmenistan, Ukraine). The Conference proceedings, issued at its beginning, include more than 150 reports.

The Conference opening and its plenary meeting took place on the 12th of October in the event hall of building "G".  The University rector, A. Yu. Aleksandrov welcomed the participants to the Conference. In his statement, Andrey Yurievich thanked the guests for their interest in the conference, described main milestones of the university's history. The honorary guest of the Conference was corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the Center for Intellectual history of the Institute of General History, Doctor of historical sciences, L.P. Repina. The participants of the Conference were welcomed by the Vice Rector of Anhui University (China), Mrs. Cheng Yanley and representative of the Mari State University, doctor of historical sciences, Professor A.G. Ivanov.

University education, research on university structures and the problem of the diversification of university's own models, analysis of relationship between a university and the state in different epochs were the subjects of discussion in the Conference. In analyzing modern reforms of higher education in Russia, several speakers noted their contradictory outcomes and negative social consequences. The prospects for the development of higher education in the twenty-first century received great attention as well.A collective discussion among key scholars of university history core issues made it possible to formulate practical recommendations for creating a scientific history of individual universities and to assess opportunities for using new methodological approaches and Innovative techniques in modern science. Prospectsforfurtherworkwereidentifiedaswell.

The conference itself has already become a true brand of our university in the scientific world.At the closing plenary meeting, the Forum participants noted not only a high scientific level of the Conference but hospitality of Cheboksary as well, and congratulated all ChuvSU teachers and staff with the fiftieth anniversary and asked to thank the Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov for attention to the Conference participants and for warm welcome.


The Head of Chuvashia Held a Working Meeting with the Director of the Russian Society "Knowledge" Branch in the Chuvash Republic, Oleg Shirokov

Friday, 13.10.17

131017 7



On the 13th of October, the head of the Chuvash Republic, Mikhail Ignatiev, met with the Director of the branch of the Russian public-state educational organization "Russian Society “Knowledge” in the Chuvash Republic, the dean of the historical and geographical faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, Oleg Shirokov.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Chairman of the Chuvash Republic Cabinet of Ministers – Minister of economic development, trade and industry of the Chuvash Republic, Vladimir Avrelkin, Minister of education and youth policy of Chuvashia Yury Isayev, Associate Professor of state and municipal management department of Economics Faculty of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, the Chairman of the Commission on Science, Education and youth policy of the Public Chamber of the Chuvash Republic Nina Semedova-Polupan, Associate Professor of foreign countries history and culture of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU historical-geographical faculty Marina Krasnova.

The Russian public-state educational organization “Russian Society “Knowledge” was established by the decree of the Russian Federation President, Vladimir Putin, in 2015. The organization’s founder is the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. A branch of the Russian Society “Knowledge” in the Chuvash Republic appeared in July this year.

Mikhail Ignatiev stressed the importance of educating children and young people, noting that in upbringing and education of the younger generation, there is nothing that could replace "live" communication with teachers. The head of the Republic expressed his confidence that fresh ideas and projects of the branch of the “Russian Society “Knowledge” in Chuvashia would bring the work performed to a new, higher level. Mikhail Ignatiev also encouraged the branch management to participate more actively in grant competitions. He drew attention to the fact that, on the basis of purposes stated in the Organization Charter, it was possible to develop social projects that would truly be required in modern society.

Director of the branch Oleg Shirokov outlined challenges facing the organization today, highlighting main directions of the work being undertaken. Among recent achievements of the branch is getting a grant from “Russian Society “Knowledge” of 200 thousand rubles for implementing the project "Problem-solving of USE contents in history and social studies in information space of Chuvashia and Russia". The forthcoming plans of “Russian Society “Knowledge” and all its branches, including the branch in the Chuvash Republic, are highlighting the topic of combating corruption.

The meeting participants also discussed other issues related to further activities of the branch and prospects of its development.


The Leading University of the Republic Celebrated the First Half-Century of its Functioning

Friday, 13.10.17

131017 2

Yesterday Cheboksary opera and ballet theatre hosted a gala evening dedicated to the 50thanniversary of the founding of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University.

The anniversary concert was opened by a welcome video of Festival of Youth and Students participants from Chuvashia who had left for Sochi just a few hours before the Jubilee concert.Then, famous ChuvSU graduates – Ministers Svetlana Enilina, Yuri Isayev, Vladimir Avrelkin, Deputy of the State Duma Leonid Cherkesov, Chief medical officer of Traumatology and Endoprosthesis Replacement Centre Nikolay Nikolayev, the head of State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company “Chuvashia”Ekaterina Kanuka – told about the University in verses ...And when the first chords of the student hymn “Gaudeamus”sounded, the people present in the hallwere listening to it standing.By the way, the ceremony was conducted by an actress of Russian theatre and cinema, Anna Miklós, and a graduate of ChuvSU 2017, Mikhail Morozov.

The Chief University of the Republic was congratulated with a half-century anniversary by the head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatiev. He said that the event was joyful and momentous, noting that half a century ago the leaders of the Republic had taken acorrect decision.ChuvSU is not only a powerful science and education centre. Many of its educational vectors have become fundamental for the Republic.

“ChuvSU "predecessor", the Volga branch of Moscow Energy Institute, developedin energy field, – said Mikhail Ignatiev. – And this gave a powerful jump start to the development of industry throughout the Republic.Today, our electricity cluster enterprises are competing with world companies. They account for 45 per cent of the federal market. "Smart, talented people who founded the university contributed to these achievements."

Another university area that gave a good boost to the development of the Republic is medicine. “Today our health facilities are also competitive, they provide high-tech medical help, they are the best in the country," said the Head of Chuvashia. And a great deal of credit must go to ChuvSU graduates.

According to ChuvSU Rector Andrey Aleksandrov, fifty years of the University is 113-strong army of students who within its walls received a start in life and will forever keep love to their native Alma mater.ChuvSU graduates workin all the institutions and all the enterprises of the Chuvashia as well as in most regions of Russia and in many foreign countries. The jubilee date, as is considered by the Rector, is a good moment to look back, to strike a balance and to set new challenges that will contribute to the further prosperity of the university.

Congratulations with the award!

By a decree of the Head of the Chuvashia dated 11 October 2017, for great contribution to the development of education, science and qualified professionals’ training, the Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher education «I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University" was awarded with the Chuvash Republic Certificate of Merit.



Anhui Delegation Visited I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University

Wednesday, 11.10.17

111017 7

On the 11th of October, on the eve of celebrating the 50thanniversary of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University a meeting between representatives of the University with the delegation of Anhui University of the Chinese People's Republic took placein the Conference Hall of building "G".

The guests from China – Vice Rector of Anhui University, Mrs. Cheng Yanley, Executive Deputy Head of post-graduate studies department Mr. Lee Minpha, Head of development planning of Anhui University Mr. Zhou Syaoguan, Director of Anhui UniversityBiological Institute, Mrs. Zhang Ming, an employee of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Anhui University Mrs. Lin Tszintszin – met with Rector of University A. Yu. Aleksandrov.They discussed issues of expanding cooperation between higher education institutions in implementing joint research projects, academic exchange of students and teachers.

The Chinese guests warmly congratulated ChuvSU team with the 50thanniversary of its foundation. They also visited the Museum of the University’s history, the Centre for the study of China and the Chinese cultural centre, the laboratory of optics and laser physics, the solar power plant.The guests enjoyed creativity of students and teachers of Arts Faculty at the Palace of culture.Issues of using data mining techniques to improve managing the system of higher professional education were discussed at the faculty of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies.

In the Center of innovative youth creativity, workshops and laboratories of mechanical engineering faculty the guests together with colleagues from ChuvSU reviewed the results of joint innovative interaction in the educational and scientific center "Hydraulics", created in collaboration with the multicorporate enterprise «Tractor plants» and the company «BOSH» (Germany).

Tomorrow the guests from China will take part in the work of the VII Arsentievskie international scientific conference “Paradigm of University history and prospects university studies (devoted to the 50th anniversary of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University)”.


Successful Participationin Kazan National Semi-marathon

Monday, 09.10.17

121017 10

On the 8th of October, Kazan national semi-marathon was held in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. More than 2,000 participants from seven countries of the world and 153 cities of Russia toed the starting line. Among them was the rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University S.V. Tasakov, whocovered the distance of 21 kilometres and 97.5 metres with a good resultand earned a well-deserved medal of a semi-marathon participant member anda Tatar skullcap. Kazan National semi-marathon is the second start for Sergey Vladimirovich this year in long distances. On the 9th of April in the French capital, he successfully covered 42 kilometres and 195 meters at the 41stParis Marathon. And in total he participated in six semi-marathons and two marathons. Next year a new marathon start is expected.  


Continue to Get Acquainted with MSU Experience

Monday, 09.10.17

Last weekend ChuvSU delegation headed by the Rector A. Yu.Aleksandrov participated in the Open day organized by the country's leading University – Lomonosov Moscow State University in its main building on the Sparrow hills. With great interest the guests got acquainted with expositions of faculties and institutes, with approaches used by colleagues in organization of career – guidance work.


In Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the University Members of ChuvSU Tourist Club Made a Mountain Hiking to the Altay Mountains

Пятница, 06.10.17

061017 8

From the 12th of August to the 3rd of September representatives of the Chuvash State University, members of its tourist club named after P. I. Stepanov, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the University took part in a mountain hike in Altai (the Altai Republic). 26 students and lecturers of nine faculties of the University took part in mountaineering. Sport trips of the second, third and fourth categories of difficulty were fulfilled, they werecertified as Championship of Russia in sports tourism and All-Russian competitions among students in sports tourism.During the trip, tourists ascended the highest peak of Chu Altay – the mount Maashey-Bashi whose height is 4177 meters above sea level.These places are inscribed in the World Heritage list under the name «Golden Mountains of Altay». Having visited these places and having seen the beauty and grandeur of the Altay Mountains, the participants of the trip were satisfied with an unforgettable trip to Siberia.

It is noteworthy that in 1970 students of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University during a hiking trip of the sixth category of difficulty (this category is the highest in hikingcomplexity classification), opened a new pass which was given the name "ChuvSU". Seventeen people participated in that hiking trip;their team leaderwas Petr Ivanovich Stepanov. Later on, this trip became the basis for awarding him with the title of Soviet Sports Master in tourism. The ChuvSU Tourist Club was given the name of P.I. Stepanov.


The University Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov Met with Participants of Arts Faculty Instrumental Quartet – Winners of the International Competition «Lanciano Prize» (Italy)

Пятница, 06.10.17

091017 5

A working meeting of ChuvSU Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov with Arts Faculty representatives who returned from Italy with a victory in the international competition «Lanciano Prize» (Italy) took place.  Participants of the instrumental quartet spoke about the outcomes of one of the most prestigious in world competition for professional musicians-performers and thanked the Rector's Office for the opportunity to participate in the international project. The Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov congratulated with the achievement of high professional results at an international level and wished new creative achievements.

BACKGROUND: The XXVII International Competition «Lanciano Prize» was held in the Italian city of Lanciano from 25 to 30 September. A 3rd year student of ChuvSU Arts Alisa Popova became I degree Laureate and was awarded with a special prize from SELIGDAR company.

Graduate of the Arts Faculty, accordionist Ilya Alexeyev became I degree Laureate. Instrumental Trio (Alisa Popova, Ilya Alexeyev, Marina Sapriko) became second degree laureates. An instrumental quartet (Ilya Alexeyev, Natalia Ivanova, Alisa Popova, Marina Sapriko) became second degree laureates and were awarded with a special prize from the president of the competition Vladimir Zubitsky "Citta di Lanciano". 


With the New Academic Year, Young Physicists and Mathematicians! 

Monday, 02.10.17

021017 1

On the 30th of September first classes of the new academic year were held atthe junior physics-mathematical faculty atI. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. More than 600 schoolchildren of 1-11 grades wishing to obtain in-depth knowledge in mathematics, physics, computer science and English took their places at students’ tables at the University. The lesson was attended by children from schools ofCheboksary, Novocheboksarsk and Tsivilsk region. Special groups were organized for students of Lyceum № 44 and secondary school № 1of Cheboksary.

This year the Faculty will give such classes for students 1-11 education as "Entertaining Mathematics", "Maths for Olympiads", "Entertaining Physics", "Visual Mathematics”, “Computer science. Basicprogramming”. They were joined by new programs – “Spoken English” and Dance Studio”. They are divided into basic, school, Olympiad levels. Each program contains theoretical and practical parts.

Classes in the junior physics-mathematical faculty give a good opportunity to immerse in the atmosphere of the University before enrolling to the University and to meet with university professors. In the coming academic year, children will take part in "Tournament of cities", "Tournament of young mathematicians”, they will take part with their projects at the VIII school mathematics and physics forum, at the nation-wide student scientific conference and in various contests and contests.


The Staff of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Took an Active Part in the Nationwide Walking Day 

Monday, 02.10.17


On the 1st of October a large team of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University structural subdivisions, headed by Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov actively participated in the nation-wide walking day, which was held on Cheboksary embankment of the Volga River. Hundreds of sport lifestyledevotees of one of the leading higher educational institutions in the region covered the distance together with residents of the city, demonstrated comradery, received a charge of vivacity and good mood.

The nation-wide walking day takes place in the framework of the Russian Olympic Committee’s program “Olympic country” and is part of International walking day which is supportedby the International SportAssociationfor Everybody. Every year more than 12 million people from 150 countries take part in it.The main aim of the event is popularization of walking as the most natural and affordable type of physical activity as well as promotion of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Anyone can participate in the activities of the day walk, regardless of age, gender and level of physical fitness.


A New Project «University for Parents» Started at I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University

Saturday, 30.09.17

021017 9

On the 29th of September in the Palace of culture of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University the University Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov met with parents of children attending the Junior physico-mathematical faculty. Andrey Yurievich told about projects that had beenimplementing in recent years (“University Saturdays”, “University for children”, “Breakfast with the Rector”, "Engineering classes", “Junior ChuvSU physico-mathematical faculty”, seasonal schoolsduring holidays, annual Olympiads) and called on students, parents and teachers to participate actively in them.         

The Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov also announced launching a new project “University for parents”, which provides for introduction of schoolchildren parents with the University, communication with employers, trainings, seminars, open lectures, parent meetings, etc. The project’s implementation is coordinated by the Centre for working with gifted youth of ChuvSU.


The Experience of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Was Generalized at an International Conference

Friday, 29.09.17

On the 26th-27th of September at Yaroslavl State Teachers’ Training University named after K. D. Ushinsky an International conference «Life-long Education: continuous education in the interests of steady development» was held. More than 200 scientists and experts in the field of continuing education from 60 regions of Russia and representatives of France, Finland, China, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan became participants in the conference. They discussed a variety of aspects: methodology and institutionalization of continuing education, the means of the society for lifelong education, business education issues and many others.

The Conference was attended by D. A. Troeshestova, the head of the centre for working with gifted youth of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. She made a presentation entitled "A regional University as a resource centre for continuing engineering and technical education". The report summarized the experience of the Centre for Vocational Guidance and the Centre for working with gifted youth of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University in implementation of projects “University Saturdays”, “University for Children”, “Business lunch with the Rector”, "Engineering classes", "ChuvSU Junior physic-mathematical faculty”.


The independent evaluation of the students’ knowledge I. N. Ulianov Chuvash University ranked 3rd among the country's higher educational institutions

Thursday, 28.09.17

In the “objectivity” rating of Russian universities carried out by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency, I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University by the results of participation in the fourth stage of experiment on independent assessment of students’ knowledge among 116 universities in the country took the 3rdplace.  

Independent evaluation of students' knowledge is a kind of external audit of educational programs quality, students’competence necessaryfor further successfully studying byeducational programs and for professional activities. The experiment on objective evaluation of the students' knowledge is as close as possible to natural conditions of an examination session and requires passing examinations/credit tests in the form of interviews and written answers.A special feature is that the students' knowledge is checked by teachers who did not teach interviewees. Another higher educational institution’s teachers who had considerable experience in selected disciplines and who had received a degree were involved as third-party experts.

The experiment provides an opportunity for universities not so much to get an "independent" picture of the students' competence, but, to a large extent, to get an external evaluation of the work performed by educational institutions themselves, including correctness of training courses curriculum, level of teaching and assessment funds.Analytical notes with recommendations are prepared for higher education institutions as a result of the experiment.

The Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency is interested in further developing objective assessment of knowledge, since students' knowledge assessment allowsat the initial stage to determine actual quality of training and take steps to correct the situation.


Presentation of aNew Olympiad of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University «Hope ofChuvashia’s Machine Engineering» Was Held in OJSC «Promtraktor»

Friday, 22.09.17

220917 1

On the 21st of September a seminar-presentation «Training of highly qualified personnel for mechanical engineering industry of the Chuvash Republic» was held in OJSC «Promtraktor».

The Rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov, the Chief of staff of the Committee on tractor, agricultural, harvesting, municipal and road-construction engineering of Russian machine-builders’ union Koledova, S.A., Deputy General Director for production and technology, Executive Director of OJSC «Promtraktor» D. Yu. Sidorov and others made presentations and spoke to school directors and teachers of Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk and other towns of the Republic. 

A new Olympiad for schoolchildren and college students «Hope of Chuvashia’s machine engineering» was presented; its organizers are I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, a multicorporate enterprise «Tractor plants», the Chuvash regional branch of the Russian public organization «Union of Russian machine-builders».

When entering I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU winners and awardees of the Olympiad will have the right to extra 10 points to the Unified State Exam result, higher educational scholarship (in 2017 – 10 thousand rubles), employer-sponsored training with getting a personal scholarship from the multicorporate enterprise "Tractor plants" during four years of study by undergraduate program.


Acknowledgement  fortheProject «Healthy Children – Healthy Future»

Thursday, 21.09.17

The Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A. Yu.Aleksandrov and the Dean of the medical faculty V.N. Diomidova received a letter from M. N. Ivanova:

«Dear AndreyYurevich and ValentinaNikolayevna! My son is currently resting in sanatorium «Lesnaya skazka». Thanks to the news on the website my husband and I learn about activities in the sanatorium. I read that your students, future pediatricians, came to the resort and in the form of a game gave our children important knowledge about healthy lifestyle. I think all parents will support me that volunteer movement «Healthy children – healthy future» which you organized is a great idea.I want to express my gratitude to medical students of the Chuvash State University AllaFedorova and YuliaTesakova as well as the chief physician of the Republican children's sanatorium «Lesnayaskazka» Elena Gurieva». 


All-Russian Forum

Tuesday, 19.09.17


The Rector of the Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulianov A.Y. Aleksandrov in Moscow participates in the annual All-Russian Forum “Counteracting terrorism and extremism ideology in the educational sphere and youth environment”which is taking place at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. The forum is organized by the National Anti-Terrorist Committee, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


Chuvashia Held Its First Parade of Russian Student Community

Monday, 18.09.17

IMG 6720

On the 16th of September more than 1000 first-year students of I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University became participants of Russian student community’s parade. In the Republic Square representatives of 18 educational institutions of Cheboksary participated in the ceremonial parade. The ChuvSU column was headed by Rector A.Yu. Aleksandrov.

The forum participants were greeted by the Head of Chuvashia, M. V. Ignatiev. “You are our strength and support! You build the future of Russia and Chuvashia! Use all the opportunities for development, set ambitious goals and win!” he said in his speech.

A deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation L.I. Cherkesov, the Chuvash Republic State Council Chairman V. N. Filimonov, and theRector of I. Ya. YakovlevChuvash State Pedagogical University, Adviser to the Head of Chuvashia V.N. Ivanov spoke to freshmen.

A teleconference was organized where 39 cities-participants of the parade took part. After a roll-over more than 500 thousand freshmen in the largest cities of the country at the same time gave an oath of a Russian student.

Best student performances decorated the concert program.


Students of I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Are Passing Training by Academic Mobility Program in China

Wednesday, 13.09.17

130917 5

As part of academic mobility program, students of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Roman Alexeyev (faculty of informatics and computer Science), Artem Andreev, Nikita Lebedev (medical faculty), Ekaterina Kudryashova (a graduate of Russian and Chuvash philology and journalism faculty) arrived to Guizhou University (Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China). This is the second group of ChuvSU students at this university. Three students passed last academic year at Guizhou University.

During ten months, ChuvSU representatives will study the Chinese language, get acquainted with the rich culture of China.

Our students settled in new dorms of Guizhou University, each of them has a single room. Within the framework of cooperation agreement between ChuvSU and the Guizhou University students are ensured with free training, accommodation and Internet.

It should be noted that another 4 students of the Chuvash State University started their new academic year in the provinces of Anhui and Henan of China.


An Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation BetweenI. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University and JSC “NPK“ELARA” Named after G.A. Ilyenko” Was Signed 

Monday, 11.09.17

110917 6

On the 11th of September in Scientific-production complex "ELARA" named after G. A. Ilyenko the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov and the General Director of JSC “NPK“ELARA” "A. A. Uglov signed an agreement on scientific and technological cooperation. The signing ceremony was also attended by ChuvSU  Pro-Rector on scientific work E.N. Kadyshev, the Dean of radioelectronics and automation faculty G. P. Okhotkin.

The main purpose of the agreement is to contribute to promotion and strengthening relationships between the University and the enterprise by creating favorable conditions for scientific and technological cooperation and its development. The document envisages implementation of joint research and technological projects and sharing research materials, projects for training scientific personnel and professionals for the JSC “ELARA”, projects in robotic and Intelligent systems of mobile and transportmeans, exchange of scientific and technical information, implementation of joint research results and scientific-technical works in production, training enterprise workers in pedagogy and psychology of teaching etc.The agreement signed is a continuation of effective cooperation between the University and the plant. On the 20th of June 2017 a research laboratory “Modeling of embedded control systems”was openedat the Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulianov. The research laboratory is equipped with the assistance of JSC “Scientific-production complex
“ELARA named after G.A. Ilyenko”.The laboratory provides an opportunity for ChuvSU bachelors, undergraduate and postgraduate students to study and conduct research when executing course and diploma projects carried out for and under “Scientific and production complex“ELARA” named afterG. A. Ilyenko”.


A Working Meeting 

Monday, 04.09.17

040917 14

On the 4th of September I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University hosted a working meeting between the University Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov and Deputy General Director of CJSC "Cheboksary Electric EquipmentPlant» A.M. Shurdov. They discussed creation of a competencescentre, cooperation between the University and the enterprise in the field of training and retraining programmes, joint scientific activities.

The meeting was also attended by ChuvSU Vice Rector for Academic Affairs I.E. Poverinov and HR of CJSC "Cheboksary Electric EquipmentPlant» S.A. Koltsov.


 The Work Plan for the New Academic Year Was Discussed

Monday, 04.09.17

040917 3

The Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov met with candidates for the members of the Youth cadre reserve at the head of the Chuvash Republic. The President of ChuvSU Student Council Ilya Tumakov, curator of Volunteer Center «Medical Volunteers» Olga Bragina, videographer of the Media Center "ChuvSU_media", Member of the Student security service «Druzhina» Victor Magnitsky,

the head of the project «Dialogue of languages and cultures» Evgeniya Alekseyeva,manager of the project «Donated blood gives life» Ekaterina Vasileva, the President of students council of construction engineering faculty Kirill Grigoryev and social network account manager, Maxim Arisov told about plans for the new academic year, made proposals to involve students in social practices.

The Rector of the university A. Yu. Aleksandrov thanked the students for their active life position, expressed his wishes to improve the activities of youth public organizations of the University.


The Head of the Chuvash Republic Congratulated I.N. Ulianov ChuvSU Students and Teachers with the Start of a New Academic Year

Friday, 01.09.17

040917 4 copy

On the 1st of September the Head of Chuvashia Michael Ignatiev took part in a ceremony dedicated to the Knowledge Day at I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University.

Currently, the University teaches approximately 18 thousand students, of whom more than 4 thousand were admitted for the first year this year. “You entered a strong scientific-educational center, where all conditions for effective studying the specialty you have chosen are created”, greeted students the Head of Chuvashia.

Michael Ignatiev stressed that today the State policy of the Russian President Vladimir Putin is aimed at creating favorable environment for the all-round development of the youth: “Anyone who wants to gain new knowledge, improve in the chosen profession, will be provided with equal opportunities for self-fulfillment”.

The head of the region added that the Republic carries out a great deal of work with enterprises and organizations, creates educational resource centres for students to acquire necessary skills to become acquainted with modern innovative technologies. “You are given a fundamental training and your job is to gain high-quality knowledge and practical skills to take a worthy place in society, get a well-paid job.  Be purposeful and you will achieve success!” said the Head of the region.

The Rector of the University, the Chairman of the Council of Rectors of the Chuvash Republic higher educational institutions Andrey Aleksandrov announced that this year representatives of 40 regions of the Russian Federation became first-year students of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU. “More than 20% of freshmen, i.e. every fifth student came from another region of the country. Our University becomes recognizable” he said. 


The University Rector, A. Yu. Aleksandrov, Participated in the Conference of Pedagogical Workers of Cheboksary

Friday, 25.08.17

On the 25th of August the Rector of the Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulianov, Member of the Chuvash Republic State Council A. Yu. Aleksandrov participated in the August Conference of pedagogical workers of Cheboksary "Development of innovation environment is the strategic objective for the capital's education”. It took place at the Palace of child (youth) creativity of Cheboksary.

Before the official part all participants could familiarize themselves with the materials presented in the Educational Salon "Open innovations" which had sections of "Pre-school education", "School education", "Supplementary education".

The Chairman of the Chuvash Republic State Council V. N. Filimonov, on behalf of the Head of the Chuvash Republic M.V. Ignatiev welcomed participants of the Conference, congratulated them with a new academic year, noting that the role of education environment in the life of modern society cannot be overemphasized.

The event was attended by acting head of the town of Cheboksary Nikolay Vladimirov, Deputy Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic Sergey Kudryashov, Chairman of Cheboksary city organization of education and science workers' trade unions Zoya Ilyina, head of the Education Department of Cheboksary municipal administration Dmitry Zakharov, Director of «Palace of children (youth) creativity» Galina Petrova, educators of the Chuvash Republic.


Scientists of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Presented Innovative Projects to the Participants of the Republican Conference of Educators

Wednesday, 23.08.17

280817 5

On the 22nd of August in Cheboksary in Yakov Ukhsay Palace of culture a traditional August Conference of educational workers of the Chuvash Republic took place. This year's plenary meeting was held in the form of a panel discussion, which was moderated by Director of state economy center of the Institute of public resources management of Higher School of Economics, Professor Tatyana Abankina.

The Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic Yury Isayev in his report noted that in the Republic an integrated model “school + college + University + supplementary education + business structures” was actively developing. He described positive experience of the School League ROSNANO, the Festival "Robofest" supported by I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, implementation of the project "Technical school". He emphasized the need to popularize scientific and technical creativity, to stimulate the interest of children and adolescents to high technology and innovations.

Students of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University and employees of Cheboksary engineering centre of transport and agricultural machinery showed participants of the plenary meeting of the Conference a joint exposition. They showed prototyping tools for devices of technological processes automation used in the educational process at the University, a universal cable marking device for experiment and technical projects, training measuring equipment and demo installation of technical vision.

At the mount of Engineering Center young engineers presented the most promising and breakthrough innovation projects. A young researcher Roman Isayev introduced his innovative project “Development of magnetically controlled elastomers based on polysiloxane copolymer” which received a grant for 100 thousand rubles at the Youth Forum of the Volga-region Federal District «iVolga-2017».


The Admission Plan for 2017 to All Specializations of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Is Fully Fulfilled  

Tuesday, 22.08.17

280817 4

On the 22nd of August another meeting of admission committee of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University took place. The admission committee discussed issues of enrolment for the first course of extramural studies for bachelor’s degree program entrants and specialist degrees programmes entrants within the admission targets; admission to the first year University entrants under contracts on rendering paid education services; outcomes of admitting students for the first course of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University in 2017.

After today's University enrollment 1280 people were admitted, which makes 100% of places allocated for admission to I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation for undergraduate, specialist degrees and graduate programs in 2017. Thus, the enrollment plan in all areas of training (specialties) is fully completed.


Here Future Is Created

Friday, 18.08.17

210817 6

One of the youngest universities in the country turned 50 years old. In August 1967, two weeks before the start of a new academic year, the USSR Council of Ministers signed a decree on organization of the Chuvash State University. Itbecamethe 43rd inthe SovietUnion.

Although we could celebrate its centenary, if the authorities of the young Republic could have managed to open such a multidisciplinary University in 1920: plans for its opening appeared then. But only half a century later these plans were brought to life, in Leonid Brezhnev time, who just put up hands under the pressure of Islukov, the first Secretary of the Chuvash Regional Committee of the Communist Party.

Science and practice

Mechanical engineering faculty. At a first glance, it is a usual classroom: a board, tables, computers where students study the basics of designing. This is actually part of Cheboksary engineering centre of transport and agricultural machinery – the pride of the Chuvash State University. Such software can be envied by many enterprises: it allows to develop new technology units. The Engineering Centre is being created thanks to the federal grant of 100 million rubles.

«It was not easy to get it," said the head of the Center Vladimir Grigoriev. — The first time it took much time to write carefully the application, but we took the offensive 11st place, and there were 10 grants. The following year, already having gained experience, we decided to apply again. And we managed to win! We were the first in the list of 69 universities! Republican enterprises started to order us a variety of research in the field of mechanical engineering».

The ChuvSU Rector Andrey Aleksandrov (a graduate of the University, too) does not hide his joy: «This is our biggest project, which we won at the federal level, and the second success of 2016 was a joint project with V. I. Chapayev Production Association for creation of high-tech production of sealing elements for the oil and gas industry. It was financially supported by the Russian Federation Industry and Trade Ministry and Ministry of Education».


Andrey Aleksandrov, Rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU:

– The University cooperates with many foreign universities. Our key partners are China, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Germany. We need it to understand our place in the world educational space, figure out where to move. 

In recent years, ChuvSU has taken a course on re-equipment of laboratory and scientific base to remain the scientific centre of Chuvashia. Thus, the development of three University scientists in 2013 was one of the 100 top inventions of the country. At applied physics and nanotechnologies department a new substance was obtained: a linear-chain carbon SP-1, which has completely unique properties, for example, allows to introduce clusters of various metals in its structure. And if such carbon film is applied to endoprostheses, their implant survival rate would be higher.

Studies are being conducted at 99 departments of the University. The chemical-pharmaceutical faculty over the past five years has won 33 federal and international grants. Articles of its scientists are quoted by prestigious World Science sites. Here new drugs are developed that would help to defeat the most serious illnesses. The Dean Oleg Nasakin shows micro-test tubes, each containing 100 mg of such substances. «If a compound is active in 10 tests out of 100, it becomes potentially interesting», explains Nasakin. Wehave testedaboutfivehundred such compounds».

In 2011, the specialty "Pharmacy" was opened and each year it has 30 graduates-pharmacists. But 50 years ago the chemical faculty was created following the needs of the chemical plant which was under construction in Novocheboksarsk. During half a century 800 ChuvSU graduates started their career at the enterprise. The construction of a tractor plant entrained opening of the engineering faculty.

In 60-70-ies industrial production in Chuvashia, compared with pre-war level grew 300 times. And who knows, if the Republic could have made such a spurt in economic growth, had it not been for the University foundation. For example, electrification headquarter of Chuvashia was organized at the oldest ChuvSU department – power supply of industrial enterprises, and all the calculations took place at the University.


Now at 16 faculties there are more than 16 thousand students. One thousand teachers work here, 130 of them are Doctors of Sciences, 570 – Candidates of Sciences. During 50 years ChuvSU has taught nearly 110 thousand professionals.

Cadres are the key to everything

The ChuvSU Foundation day is considered to be August 17, 1967. Moscow procrastinated for several decades with permission to open the University because in Cheboksary there was no good scientific basis. And only in the 60-ies the Volga branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute became this base. Less than during six years 10 academic buildings and 5 dormitories were built. 

The branch quickly developed into an autonomous higher educational institution. And in 1967 the historical-philological faculty of the Pedagogical Institute was joined to it to form a multidisciplinary University. Vladimir Kovalev, the Dean of power engineering and electrical engineering faculty, recalls: he entered the Volga branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, and when he came back from summer vacation, he turned out to be a student of ChuvSU.

The University started with the five faculties and, of course, it needed teachers and leaders. The staff was searched for across the country. Ilya Prokopiev, in those years the Secretary of Chuvash Regional Committee of the Communist Party on ideology, went to Kazan University to persuade Professor Saykin to leave his quiet work at mechanical-mathematical faculty and to take responsibility for formation of a new higher educational institution. And later Semen Fedorovich personally chose all the teachers.

The University has always been focused on employers' demands. Among the partners, with whom the University signed a cooperation agreement, there are more than 400 companies. All new production is provided by engineering staff by the Chuvash University. For example, two years ago, Cheboksary electric equipment plant decided to launch a new kind of production — circuit breakers, and the head of this direction, searching employees, went to power engineering and electrical engineering faculty, and after defending diplomas employed 12 people.

Training in humanitarian is paid no less attention than training of engineers at the University. Thus, ChuvSU law faculty was one of the first in the country who passed public accreditation of the Russian Lawyers’ Association. According to the Dean, Elena Ivanova, the criteria for this audit were more stringent than during the State accreditation. The prestige of studying at ChuvSU law faculty is confirmed by competition — 13 entrants for one place. It has remained at this level for the last five years.

The formula of eternal youth

In recent years the largest ChuvSU faculty – the medical faculty has transformed almost beyond recognition. For already 49 years Larisa Merkulova has been teaching at the Department of Anatomy. As anatomy is a fundamental discipline, it turns out that all doctors –ChuvSU graduates, listened to lectures of Larisa Mikhailovna. And the medical faculty for half a century has trained already 15 thousand doctors to whom public health of the Republic owes its current level.  The Faculty prepares cadres not only for Russian clinics — there are a lot of foreign students here. At the medical faculty and the chemical-pharmaceutical faculty lectures were started to be read in English. Geography of entrants is expanding every year, and now the University has already one thousand students from 44 countries of the world. Returning home, graduates take with them not only knowledge, but part of the Russian culture as well. The ChuvSU has already developed its formula of eternal youth. And it helps the University to evolve, to change, to set new goals and to achieve them, to work ahead of time, because the future of the Republic and the country is created here.  

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