News of the University


Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tukumov E.V. Visited the Chuvash State University

Wednesday, 17.10.18

On the 16th of October I. N.Ulianov Chuvash State University was visited by the Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan E.V. Tukumov. In the art museum named after A.A. Kokel there was a detailed conversation about the prospects of cooperation in the field of training staff having a higher education, research and development to strengthen cultural ties. The discussion attended by the Pro-Rector on scientific work, the Mayor of the city of Cheboksary E.N. Kadyshev, first Deputy Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic S.V. Kudryashov, the staff of the international activities office, deans of faculties, ChuvSU students coming from Kazakhstan, representatives of universities of the Chuvash Republic. The guests also visited the Museum of the Chuvash State University history.


The Republican Project "Educational Sunday"

Thursday, 04.10.18

On the 30th of September participants of the Russian school movement became guests of the economic faculty. This friendly and informative visit was organized under the Republican project "Educational Sunday". One of the 12 thematic platforms was devoted to entrepreneurship.

In the business-incubator lecturers of the economic faculty, associate professors M.V. Aleksandrov and Sokolova G.N., told about opportunities of schoolchildren for self-development, about the way they could develop their entrepreneurial skills at such an early age and delivered a lecture on theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship.

Student activists’ group of the economic faculty under the direction of associate professor Petrova S.V. held a business game "Pitfalls of business." Everyone knows that business is risk, risks, and risks again. According to statistics, no more than a tenth part survives, and no more than 2% of entrepreneurs become successful. In the course of the game schoolchildren-businessmen faced tax authorities, police and other authorities. All the children showed a high level of knowledge in financial and legal matters, eventually the victory was won by the team that was able to rationally use its financial resources and not to get caught by the tricks.

The winning team was awarded with mementos with the University symbols. Schoolchildren learned that pitfalls existed in each activity and before opening a business, it was needed to communicate with professionals, to look into this area and try to anticipate troubles. 


Issues of Scientific and Technical Cooperation Were Discussed

Tuesday, 02.10.18

021018 3

On the 2nd of October the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, A.Yu. Aleksandrov held a working meeting with the Director of innovative-technological park of Togliatti State University S.I. Zhuchenko, Deputy Director of Innovative-technological park of Togliatti State University, S. V. Pchelincev, chief medical officer of Cheboksary Federal Center for orthopedics and traumatology, endoprosthetics  N.S. Nikolayev, during which issues of scientific and technical cooperation and joint participation in contests and grants were discussed. The meeting was also attended by the head of trauma and orthopedic department of Cheboksary Federal Center for traumatology, orthopedics and endoprosthetics O.N. Protsenko, ChuvSU Vice-Rector for scientific work E.N. Kadyshev, the head of innovation-implementation centre R.I. Aleksandrov, the dean of informatics and computer engineering faculty A.V. Shchipcova.


Michael Ignatiev Held a Working Meeting with I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov

Tuesday, 02.10.18

On the 2nd of October a working meeting of the head of Chuvashia, Michael Ignatiev, and the Rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, a Chuvashia State Council Deputy, Andrey Aleksandrov took place.

The head of the region congratulated the University with the victory of its student Polina Yakovleva in the contest "Miss and Mister of Russian Studentship -2018”.

Andrey Aleksandrov said that thanks to this victory in 2019 this competition would be hosted by the Chuvash Republic. The main venue for hosting the event will be ChuvSU Palace of Culture. During the meeting, construction of ChuvSU swimming pool was discussed. The Rector reported that it would be built in Universitetskaya street. About 140 million rubles will be allocated for its construction. It was noted that timely holding of all competitive procurement procedures would make it possible to build the swimming pool in the next two years.


Students of the Chuvash State University Won in Two Nominations of the All-Russian Competition "Miss and Mister of Russian Studentship-2018"

Saturday, 29.09.18


On the 28th of September in Sevastopol at the venue of Chersonesos Taurica multimedia lecture-hall a creative competition took place which was a part of the All-Russian competition "Miss and Mister of Russian Studentship Russia-2018". The participants demonstrated their talents in nominations "Vocals", "Choreography", "Original genre”. There was a solemn rewarding of participants in various categories – "Miss and Mister Creativity", "Miss Grace", "Mr. Sport", "Miss and Mister Intellect",”Miss Media "," Miss and Mister Friendship ". In addition, according to Internet-voting, winners in nomination "audience award" were awarded.

Students of the the Chuvash State University Law Faculty distinguished themselves: Polina Yakovleva was awarded with the title of "Miss Creativity", Alexander Izorkin – with the title "Mister Intelligence”. Earlier we reported that they showed excellent results in passing GTO norms that is also included in the competition program. Our students will take part in the final of the competition to win the Crown and the Cup of "Miss and Mister of Russian Studentship Russia-2018".


The project «University for Parents» Opens a New Academic Year

Saturday, 29.09.18


On the 28th of September the Palace of culture of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University gathered participants of the project "University for Parents". Its organizational meeting was devoted to the beginning of the academic year at "Small physico-mathematical faculty”. Pro-Rector on scientific work, the Mayor of the city of Cheboksary E.N. Kadyshev, the Dean of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies faculty A. Yu. Ivanitsky, the Dean of «Small physico-mathematical faculty» D.A. Troeshestova and teachers warmly congratulated parents with the start of the new academic year.


International Rectors’ Forum «One Zone – One Way»

Friday, 28.09.18


On the 15th of September the town of Hefei (China) hosted an international forum of University Rectors "One zone – one way", which was attended by heads of universities from Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, the UK, Ukraine, the United States, Taiwan, China. The moderators of the Forum were Mr. Liu Yun, Vice Chancellor of New York University at Stony Brook and Mr. Cheng Yanljey, Vice Rector of Anhui University. The Chuvash State University on behalf of the Academic Council was represented by the Chief of international programs and academic mobility division E.V. Nuzhdaeva. Among the most interesting reports she noted the speech of Anhui University Rector Kuan Guangli, that of California University (the town of Riverside, the USA) Provost, a Congressman Kelechi Kalu, the Rector of Bourgogne University Franche-Comté (France) Nicolas Shaye. During the talks in the framework of the Forum, an agreement was reached on cooperation with universities of China, the United States, Chile, Britain and Taiwan.


Professor of the Chuvash State University V.A. Vasilyev Made a Report at the 14th Congress of Russia’s Peoples

Tuesday, 25.09.18

280918 7

The 14th Congress of Russia’s peoples was held in Nizhny Novgorod on the 21st of September, it brought together members of the public from all corners of the vast country. The main topic for discussion at the Forum was information security. The Congress participants included professors and artists, students and parliamentarians, teachers and politicians, doctors and government officials, workers and business representatives, scientists and diplomats.

Doctor of Culturology, Professor of archaeology, ethnography and regional history department of the Chuvash State University V.A. Vasilyev made a report “Culture as a factor of peoples’ unification using the example of Kokel International Plener-Symposium” at the plenary session of the Congress. He told how this unique innovative cultural project promotes harmonization of interethnic and interfaith relations.


International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy

Monday, 24.09.18

280918 8

From the 13th to the 16th of September I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State University hosted the 10th International Symposium of clinical and applied anatomy (official symposium language was English). The Chuvash State University was represented by Assistant Professor of normal and topographic anatomy with operational surgery department E.G. Drandrova. She made two reports: «Some Aspects of Adaptation of Foreign Students on the Example of Anatomy Teaching» and  «Significance of Layered Structure of Pubic Region of Anterior Abdominal Wall in Supravesical Extaperitoneal Caesarean Section Technique (G.L. Drandrov's type)». Both reports aroused great interest and lively discussion among the participants. The symposium was attended by 162 delegates including 60 foreign specialists. During their meetings anatomists, surgeons and specialists of other clinical and basic medical sciences could share their knowledge and scientific discoveries. The Symposium contributed to expanding and strengthening scientific cooperation. During 4 days 7 plenary lectures were held, 95 oral reports and 118 poster reports were made.


Meeting of Scientists of Petrozavodsk State University and the Chuvash State University

Thursday, 20.09.18

280918 999

Director of the Institute of history, political and social sciences Sergey Gennadyevich Verigin met with Doctor of Culturology, Candidate of historical sciences, Professor of the Chuvash State University V.A. Vasiliev. The meeting was also attended by the head of Baltic-Finnish philology department at the Philology Institute of Petrozavodsk State University T. V. Pashkova and other scholars of Petrozavodsk State University. Now, partnership relations are developing between the two universities. "This was the first meeting to establish contacts for cooperation between our University and the Chuvash State University. We agreed on joint scientific conferences, seminars and preparation of articles for publications in scientific journals, told Sergey Gennadyevich Verigin.


XXXI Congress of Eurasian Association of Universities’ Trade Union Organizations

Thursday, 20.09.18

280918 99

From the 12 to the 15th of September Petrozavodsk State University (Republic of Karelia) hosted the XXXI Congress of Eurasian Association of universities’ trade union organizations. The Association is one of the most highly respected international trade union organizations which unites trade unions of 70 leading universities in 8 CIS countries.

The Forum was attended by representatives of trade union organizations from 31 Universities of Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and the city of Donetsk. The report "Social regional programs in the Eurasian region and the interests of University corporations" was made by the by the President EAUTUO (Eurasian Association of universities’ trade union organizations) I.B. Kotlobovsky. As an example of the association’s fruitful work the President noted the cooperation agreement between Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Chuvash Republic, which was signed by the head of the Chuvash Republic M.V. Ignatiev and the Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University V.A. Sadovnichy. ChuvSU Rector, member of the Chuvash Republic State Council A.Yu. Aleksandrov took part in signing the historic treaty.

The Rector of Petrozavodsk State University A.V. Voronin addressed with greetings to the Congress delegates. Reports and presentations were made by 30 delegates representing universities in all countries.

Delegates of the XXXI Congress took an active part in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Karelia’s trade union movement. Successful EAUTUO activities are promoted by close partnership with the Eurasian Association of universities, bringing together rectors of universities. This cooperation allows to address issues of academic and scientific policy at universities in close connection with social issues. This is well illustrated by the example of social partnership between the Rectorate and trade-union committee of our University. Trade union organizations of the Chuvash State University employees and students were among the most active participants in creating EAUTUO.


The Chuvash State University and the Russian Academy of Sciences: Developing Science Together


280918 9

On the 20th of September ChuvSU delegation visited the headquarters of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow by invitation of the Academy’s Vice President V.V. Kozlov. The University Rector, A. Yu. Aleksandrov and academician V.V. Kozlov agreed on joint holding an international scientific conference dedicated to the 150th anniversary of an outstanding Russian mathematician S.A. Chaplygin in 2019 in Chuvashia. During the dialogue they confirmed intentions to establish joint laboratories and cooperation in joint publishing a scientific journal in the field of applied mathematics.

The negotiations were attended by Professor of the Moscow Institute of physics and mathematics A.V. Borisov and the Dean of applied mathematics, physics and information technology department at the Chuvash State University, Professor A.Y. Ivanitsky.


Be True to the Spirit of Student Fraternity

Saturday, 15.09.18

170918 9

More than 3 thousand freshmen from 17 universities, institutes and secondary specialized educational institutions of Chuvashia gathered in Republic square in Cheboksary to take part in the Parade of Russian students. One of the most numerous delegations was that of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University headed by its Rector, A. Yu. Aleksandrov.

More than 350 thousands first-year students in Russia were able to see each other thanks to teleconference mode. Together with Cheboksary 39 cities of the country participated in TV link-up broadcasting.

The event was attended by the head of the Chuvash Republic M.V. Ignatiev, the Chairman of the ChR State Council V. Filimonov, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation N.V. Malov and A. Arshinova, Minister of education and youth policy of Chuvashia A.S. Ivanov. Speaking to the youth of Chuvashia, M. Ignatiev noted that the student community is the most proactive and socially active part of the society. In the new academic year more than 63 thousand students of institutions of higher and secondary vocational education began to study in the Republic, more than 15 thousand of them are freshmen.

Students swore the oath of a freshman to be faithful to the spirit of students’ fraternity, to bear with dignity the title of a student of his Alma mater, to apply efforts and devote time on sciences cognition and to get deep and thorough knowledge, to use the acquired skills and experience to strengthen the power and prosperity of Russia, to  strengthen international friendship, to fight with any manifestations of national, racial and religious intolerance, to preserve and celebrate the traditions of Russian students.


Further Implementation of the University Development Programme Is One of the Priority Tasks

Friday, 14.09.18

170918 8

On the 11th of September the first in this academic year sitting of ChuvSUAcademic Council took place. It was presided by the University's Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov.

By tradition the sitting began with the awarding ceremony. General Director of ZAO «EnLAB» (Cheboksary) M.A. Shamis handed the diploma of the winner in the All-Russian open contest of student works (in the category of Bachelor degree qualification works executed using PSCAD simulation) to a first year student in the master's programme Eugene Myasnikov (supervisor – assistant of power supply and intelligent power systems department named after A.A. Fedorov P.L. Voronov) The competition was organized with the support of RTDS Technologies and Manitoda Hydro International (Winnipeg, Canada). It was attended by leading universities of Russia and Kazakhstan who presented 24 works.

Our University ensemble consisting of N.I. Ivanova, M. A. Sapriko, I. Alekseev, A. Popova was awarded with the diploma of the III grade award winner in the XVI International contest "Vivat, Bayan!" (category: bands, varietyshows, seniorgroup).

The head of the University archive E.V. Gorbacheva was awarded with a commendation for conscientious work in the field of formation and preservation of archival documents of the Chuvash Republic.

ChuvSU Rector A.Yu. Aleksandrov spoke on the main issue of the agenda "On the tasks of faculties in the first semester of 2018-2019 academic year”. He named priority tasks: further implementation of the University’s programme of development for 2017-2021 and its strategic projects; adopting the programme of integrated development of student hostels; bringing the average amount of research work from external sources to 100 thousand rubles per year in average per every scientific-pedagogical employee; increase in the number of projects submitted to various competitions of grants and other programs.

Report on outcomes of the Chuvash State University Admission Office concerning the number of admissions for the 1st course in 2018 year was made by its Secretary N.A. Petrov.

The meeting approved ChuvSU Academic Council work plan for the new academic year, the list of candidates for the Chairmen of the State examination Commission at the University and Alatyr branch for 2019; a number of students and University staff employees were nominated for special scholarships of the Chuvash Republic for representatives of the youth and students for special artistic aspiration.


The Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov Met with Freshmen – Winners and Prize-Holders of Olympiads

Thursday, 13.09.18

170918 99

The Chuvash State University Rector A. Aleksandrov in the meeting room of the Academic Council of the University met with the winners of regional and final stages of the All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren; Olympiads in the list of the Russian Ministry of education and science; the Chuvash State University Olympiad in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and the Russian language; the Olympics hope the electrical equipment of the Chuvash Republic "; Olympiad "Hope of Chuvashia engineering"; ChuvSU creative competitions "Techno 21", "IT-Ring", "Electronics 4.0” "High schools Battle". Andrey Yuryevich greeted the freshmen with enrollment to the Chuvash State University, announced their additional scholarships, spoke in detail about opportunities for self-realization.


A Working Visit to the Mari State University

Monday, 10.09.18

170918 7ChuvSU Rector A.Yu. Aleksandrov paid a working visit to the Mari State University by invitation of its responsible executives and got acquainted with its scientific base, social infrastructure, including housing and living conditions created in student hostels. There was a meeting with MarSU Rector M.N. Shvetsov, during which an agreement on exchanging students delegations and holding a series of joint scientific, cultural-mass and sports actions was reached. In addition, the plan of interaction between the universities foresees conducting joint research.


On Outcomes of 2018 Forum Campaign

Friday, 07.09.18

170918 6 copy

This year the University has done much work to involve students of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University in forum campaign. The main campaign platforms were Youth Forum of regional development "MolGorod", Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District "iVolga" and All-Russian Youth Education Forum "Area of meanings on the Klyazma". More than 170 students and 1 lecturer represented our University in these youth forums.

On the 6th of September a round table was held in the meeting room of the Academic Council, which summed up the outcomes of 2018 campaign year. The moderator was the Chairman of the University Student Council Olga Semenova. The participants were welcomed by ChuvSU Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov. Andrey Yuryevich spoke on outcomes of students’ participation in youth forums and noted the need to further improve the level of social project management.

A third-year law student Victoria Pinchuk shared her impressions about participating in the Forum "MolGorod". "MolGorod" is an annual educational tent forum, where young people meet with experts in various fields of knowledge. This year, 75 representatives of I.N. Ulianov ChuvSU took an active part in it, more than 20 representatives acted as organizers.

"iVolga" is a large-scale Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District. It is held on the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation. The forum includes 9 thematic sessions and an International forum «the Volga – the Yangtze». A 5th year medical student, the head of the Chuvash Republic delegation on the Forum "iVolga" Olga Bragina told about the main projects presented. Chuvashia was represented by more than 80 young men among whom there were 46 students and 1 lecturer of the Chuvash State University. The main achievement of the University's delegation at the Forum iVolga was the victory of a second-year medical school Daniel Kelin in projects line. The project "Let's save health together" was supported by the grant in the amount of 150 000 rubles.

A first year student of Economics masters’ course, a participant of the 6th session of «Territory of meanings on the Klyazma» Ekaterina Korshunova shared her experience. The forum «territory of meanings on the Klyazma» is the largest education platform, which every year gathers nearly 6000 young professionals from all over Russia from different branches of activity, 50 of them are ChuvSU students. The Forum developed a roadmap for developing the movement of student clubs by 6 thematic sessions; it formulated the idea of enhancing social inclusion of schoolchildren; the concept of positive programme content and adapted formats for the international community to promote Russia was developed; heritage programme of a volunteer year was formed; the experience of best practices  was studied and new efficient formats of policy instruments, which are based on human needs and promote the involvement of the young generation in political activity were suggested, as well as ideas of new projects for the open platform "Russia is a country of opportunities”. In addition, the programme of the Forum included master classes, networking, lectures and the discussion club "Dialogue on an equal footing”.

The Chairman of primary trade-union organization of University students, a participant of the forum "Territory of meanings on the Klyazma» Nikita Afinogenov spoke about development of student associations.


Being Friends with Regions

Friday, 07.09.18

170918 5

On the 7th of September a working meeting between the Rector of the University, the President of the Chuvash Republic Rectors’ Council A. Aleksandrov, and Deputy Governor of Tula oblast S. N. Egorov was held at the Chuvash State University. They discussed issues of cooperation between regional higher education institutions in the sphere of training qualified personnel with higher education and organizing research.

In 2004 S. N. Egorov graduated from I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, majoring in world economics, in 2006 he majored in "Jurisprudence". He has the degree of Candidate of economic sciences. From 2005 to 2007 he worked in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.


A ChuvSU Journalism Student Visited the Academy of Kids’ Media House in Austria

Tuesday, 04.09.18

040918 2

Children from different countries can understand each other perfectly even though they speak different languages. Last year I visited the Austrian Academy of International Kids Media House which is a kind of school to bring together young journalists from all over the world.

The Academy gathered children from Russia, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Canada, Georgia and Ukraine. We all tried not to speak our native languages, but those that we wanted to practice. Young people from Germany, for example, spoke to me in Russian, I answered them in German or English. And we understood each other. But I realized that I was still not quite fluent in German, and on returning home, I started to practice the language.

Each session in the Academy children are given a task. For example, we had to shoot a video for the song by a German singer Nicole "Ein bisschen Frieden" .With this song 17-year-old Nicole won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982. The singer told us that the song was doomed to success: in the world of “cold war” ordinary people really wanted peace. So they emotionally reacted to the words of the song, in which young Nicole requested "a little love, a little goodness, for anxiety go away from world ..." Well, it is very good that young people with whom I met at the Academy, feel what any war is a great grief and understand that peace is the most valuable, and it must be preserved.


In Memory of Tragic Events

Monday, 03.09.18

030918 3

In order to promote the policy of countering extremism, terrorism and economic nationalism, on the 3rd of September, the day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism, political and practical events were held in all buildings of the Chuvash State University: tactical trainings on the theme "Actions in face of committing a terrorist act," a silence minute in memory of terrorist acts victims.


Volunteers Continue To Do Good Deeds

Tuesday, 28.08.18

280818 5

Volunteers of charity committee of ChuvSU Volunteer Center visited the social rehabilitation centre for juveniles in the Leninsky district of the city of Cheboksary. They gave a "Lesson of Goodness".

The students talked about volunteers and volunteerism, talked with children about the importance of participating in such activities. Inmates of the Centre, in turn, shared their experience in participating in volunteer activities, jointly compiled a portrait of a modern volunteer describing his most important qualities. ChuvSU volunteers told kind parting words to the children and gave gifts that are sure to be useful in studying.


A Tripartite Cooperation Agreement Was Signed

Monday, 27.08.18


On the 27th of August in ChuvSU Palace of culture within the framework of urban pedagogy conference a tripartite cooperation agreement between the education department of Cheboksary administration, I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University and Cheboksary Children (Youth) Creativity Palace was signed. The parties' cooperation involves: promoting development of children technopark "Kvantorium" in Cheboksary, innovative practices implementation; information, educational, organizational, scientific, expert work on developing supplementary education; organization of mutually advantageous exchange of information; holding other events on matters within the competence of the parties and of mutual interest. The agreement was signed by the head of education and Youth Affairs of administration department of Cheboksary D.A. Zakharov, the Rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Alexandrov and the director of Cheboksary Children (Youth) Creativity Palace E.V. Vorobieva.


A Meeting Was Held With the Delegation from Anqing City of Anhui Province of the People's Republic of China in Cheboksary

Tuesday, 21.08.18


In the framework of events dedicated to celebrating the City day in Cheboksary, on the 19th of August 2018 a meeting was held between the Deputy Head of the city of Cheboksary Victor Gorbunov and the Chairman of the standing committee of Cheboksary municipal deputies’ council on social development and ecology Natalia Vanerkina with a delegation from Anqing city of Anhui Province of the People's Republic of China headed by the Secretary of the Party Committee of Anqing higher medical college Mr. Yang Jinkui. On the part of Cheboksary administration the meeting was attended by the head of department for regulation of tariffs, economics of enterprises and investments Eugene Maximov and the head of investment, industry and external economic relations, Sergei Petrov.

During the meeting, representatives of Anqing higher medical college made a presentation of economic and investment potential of Anqing city and showed a film about Anqing higher medical college which was founded in 1943. Prospects of cooperation in the area of medicine between organizations of Cheboksary and Anqing higher medical college of Anhui Province of the People's Republic of China were discussed, including students exchange of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU medical faculty and Anqing higher medical college with the purpose of the internship in the territories of the twin cities.

The Secretary of the Party Committee of Anqing higher medical college Mr. Yang Jinkui expressed interest in establishing the Centre of Oriental medicine on the basis of the joint-stock company «Sanatorium Chuvashiakurort".

Summing up the results of the visit, the delegation members expressed their satisfaction with the meeting and confirmed their interest in enhancing inter-municipal cooperation.


A Chinese delegation at the University

Monday, 20.08.18

On the 20th of August the medical faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University was visited by a delegation of the Medical Institute of the city Anqing of Anhui Province of the People’s Republic of China.

Yang Jinkui, Secretary of the Party Committee of Anqing higher medical college; Zhang Yuqing, Deputy Dean of Anqing hospital for Chinese medicine, directly subordinated to Anqing higher medical College; Liu Yan, professor of clinical medicine; Liu Tingting, professor of pharmacology department; Tan Sjaoli, professor of nursing faculty; Wang Jun, professor of clinical medicine familiarized themselves with the work of the Centre for accreditation and simulation training, ChuvSU anatomical museum, talked with teachers, staff, students of the medical faculty.

During the meeting issues of cooperation in the field of medicine were discussed. Concrete agreements were reached, in particular on establishing a ChuvSU medical faculty-based Center for Chinese traditional medicine, about academic exchanges of students and teachers during summer vacation, delivering lectures by leading professors, etc.

The discussion was attended by Deputy Dean of the medical faculty G.Yu. Struchko; the head of ChuvSU international programs and academic mobility division E.V. Nuzhdaeva; interim Director General of JSC "Corporation for the development of the Chuvash Republic”, Cheboksary City investment commissioner M.L. Semenov; the head of the Division for investments, industry and external economic affairs of Cheboksary administration S. Yu. Petrov.

In their interview with reporters, foreign guests highly appraised the work of ChuvSU medical faculty.


Cheboksary Turned 549 Years Old

Monday, 20.08.18


This weekend the capital of the Chuvash Republic celebrated one of the most vivid and happy holidays – the Day of the city of Cheboksary, where traditionally an active part was taken by many representatives of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University.

A sports event "Morning exercises with a star" has become a holiday decoration. Lovers of a healthy lifestyle together with famous athletes performed exercises and received a charge of vivacity and positive energy for the whole day. Guest stars were a six-fold world kickboxing champion Alexey Solovyov, a world and European champion, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in speed walking Olympiada Ivanova, players of the basketball team “Cheboksary hawks” and the football team “Spartak” of the town of Cheboksary, athletes of fitness aerobics federation headed by Oksana Verbina.

The exposition of the Chuvash State University attracted attention of hundreds of townspeople, decorated the large-scale project "Creative Boulevard", dedicated to the day of the city of Cheboksary. In the central square of the capital of the Chuvash Republic entertainment, animation, cultural, interactive platforms and the University art objects worked, sports teams of the University prepared master classes, performances.

The two-day holiday program included a lot of interesting things: a championship of Russia in triathlon, a kiting festival “Cheboksary wave" and a sailing regatta, tours in  the historic part of Cheboksary, a festival "Crossfit" and an international martial arts “Champions Cup tournament”, competitions "Golden sands of Zavolzhje”, a contest “Public recognition”, a festival of family art ”Aistenok”, a concert program of the famous singer, Igor Nikolayev, fireworks – these and many other activities gathered hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators.

Cheboksary turned 549 years old.


The Chuvash State University Will Train Developers of Wheeled and Tracked Machines

Thursday, 16.08.18


The Engineering Faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University opened a new department – "Wheeled and tracked machines”. This is the result of joint efforts of the University, Chuvash Ministry of economic development, Bauman MSTU and the engineering company “MIKONT”.

Since its foundation I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University is one of the major universities in staff training for leading machine-building enterprises of the Republic, members of the Civil Division of «Tractor Plants»multicorporate enterprise. Industrial and agricultural machinery, manufactured by "Tractor plants" each year becomes more and more sophisticated. Evolutionary implementation of up-to-date technologies in designing these machines entails systematic updating of the equipment, which requires highly qualified personnel to maintain it.

In order to train a decent change of young tractor-manufacturers of desired profile the engineering company «MIKONT» for many years has been closely cooperating with the Chuvash State University, helping teachers in developing the curriculum, giving its employees as experts and educators as well as assisting in opening new specialized departments and specialized areas of study.

In 2013 the engineering company opened a teaching and research center "Hydraulics" at the University. Another breakthrough project was opening the University-based engineering centre of transport and agricultural machinery. In 2015 with a view to attract new generations of designers, engineers and specialists in the field of electronics to civil division enterprises, a quadripartite agreement on cooperation between the Chuvash Republic Cabinet of Ministers, Bauman MSTU, I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU and the «Tractor Plants»multicorporate enterprise was signed. The main purpose of the agreement was creating a specialized department "Wheeled and Tracked Machines” at the University. According to the Dean of ChuvSU engineering faculty Victor Gartfelder, opening this direction is due to the fact that it is in Cheboksary that production of all classes of domestic industrial tractors CHETRA, crawler agricultural tractors, combines as well as sites for wheeled tractors is focused.

This summer, the Chuvash State University began accepting applications to the new department for majoring in “Ground transportation and technological complexes” and “Cars and tractors”. In addition to the ChuvSU lecturers the learning process will involve Bauman MSTU staff and highly skilled specialists of LLC «MIKONT». Laboratories of this basic department are located both in University buildings and sites of the Engineering Centre. They have advanced computer equipment and the latest software to develop electronic models of components and units of automobiles and tractors, 3D simulation elements of automotive equipment and test facilities.

In the course of their studies students will take practice at industrial enterprises of "Tractor Plants" Civil Division by developing real projects of components and units of new models of wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as at domestic automobile companies, carrying out maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.

It should be noted that the curricula and syllabuses for the new department were developed jointly and in conformity with N. E. Bauman MSTU requirements. Working closely with the leading Technical University in Russia in training specialists in “Ground transportation and technological complexes” opens future graduates promising prospects for further education in Magistracy of N. E. Bauman MSTU.

Upon completing training, the graduates of the department «Wheeled and Tracked machines» will join car and tractor designers, managers and technical consultants, car dealers, engineers in engineering and transport enterprises, and in the future they can become heads of design bureaus and departments, engineering and designing organizations.


The Chuvash State University Was Visited by Participants of Interethnic Consent Volunteer Project "Lighthouses of Friendship. Russia Brings Together-2018 "

Friday, 10.08.18

100818 3

On the 10th of August I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University was visited by participants of Youth cultural and historic volunteer project of interethnic consent "Lighthouses of Friendship. Russia Brings Together-2018”. The delegation consisted of students of Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov, South-Ossetia State University, Tskhinvali art school named after M.S. Tuganov, Kazan Cooperative Institute, Cheboksary Cooperative Institute.

The guests visited the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, ethnographic and archaeological museums of the University. Excursions were conducted by the Dean of historical-geographical faculty O.N. Shirokov. At the Center for the study of China the guests were informed on cooperation with 8 Chinese universities by the Chief of the international programs and academic mobility division E.V. Nuzhdaeva; the head of the Center M. N. Krasnova; Anastasia Prokhorova, a student at the Faculty of Russian and Chuvash philology and journalism who passed training at Henan University in 2017-2018 academic year; a medical student Artem Andreev who passed training at Guizhou University in2017-2018 academic year.

The Chief of the international programs and academic mobility division E.V. Nuzhdaeva, an associate professor of Chuvash philology and culture department E.R. Yakimova, a senior lecturer of Russian as a foreign language department, a ChuvSU graduate I. N. Bakina, a presenter of the National Radio Maria Samdelova reported about new projects of the University to strengthen inter-ethnic harmony, they organized a quiz and interactive games on intercultural communication.


Conclusion of the Interdepartmental Commission: I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Is Ready For the New Academic Year

Friday, 10.08.18


On the 9th of August an interdepartmental commission under the chairmanship of Deputy Head of Cheboksary Moskovsky district administration E.V. Romanova worked at I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. Members of the Commission reviewed the results of renovations in buildings "A", "B", "P", the progress of repair works in building “V”, in scientific library, construction of a new sports ground near building "E", visited dorms, faculties and other structural departments of the University.

A comprehensive inspection was carried out:

Civil Defense, emergency protection system;

fire safety;

status of counterterrorism, protecting public order, prevention of extremism, nationalism and terrorism;

implementation of youth policy;

electrical safety;

systems of electricity, heat, water supplying;

implementation of measures to ensure sanitary conditions and maintenance requirements for buildings;

compliance with labour standards;

the status of academic buildings and dormitories;

current and capital repairs.

The interdepartmental commission noted the dynamics of development and modernization of a large part of property and material base of the University, its readiness for the new 2018-2019 academic year.


9 ChuvSU Projects Became Grant Holders of RFBR

Friday, 10.08.18

The Russian Foundation for basic research summed up the results of scientific projects’ contest of 2018. The founders of the contest are the RFBR and the Chuvash Republic Cabinet of Ministers. According to the results of examination 9 projects of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University received grant support.

Project managers are:

Afanasiev Vladimir Vasilievich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, the head of heat power plants department.

The project «Studying physico-chemical foundations of electrothermal gasification of solid fuels».

Afanasiev Alexander Alexandrovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of automation and control in technical systems department.

The project «Adjustable magnetic gear».

Golubtsova Natalya Nikolaevna, Candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, acting head of general and clinical morphology and forensic medicine department.

The project «The role of mechano-sensitive proteins in signal transduction of thyroid hormones in the process of physiological changes in human skin».

Belikov Mikhail Yurievich, Candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry department.

The project «Synthesis and photochromism of new styryl-substituted derivatives of tricianofuran».

Ivanova Alyona Mikhaylovna, Doctor of Philological sciences, the dean of Russian and Chuvash philology and journalism department.

The project «Chuvash anthroponymycon of the XVIII century: another cultural reality».

Zinovieva Larisa Gennadyevna, Candidate of Juridical Sciences., associate professor of theory and history of the state and the law department.

The project «The history of formation and development of the institute of public control in the Chuvash Republic».

Morozova Natalia Vitalyevna, Candidate of Economical Sciences, the head of regional economics and entrepreneurship department.

The project «Development of the concept of sustainable development of the Chuvash Republic in the medium term in the face of great challenges and socio-ecological-economic restrictions».

Kadyshev Evgeny Nikolaevich, Doctor of Economical Sciences, the Pro-Rector on scientific work.

The project «A comprehensive study of the knowledge economy in the socio-cultural space of the Chuvash Republic».

Tumalanov Nikolay Vasilievich, Doctor of Economical Sciences, the head of state and municipal management department.

The project «Opportunities of regional producers in emerging markets of high-quality agri-food products».


State Tasking Order on Admission of Students for the First Course Is Completed In Full

Wednesday, 08.08.18

080818 1

I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University in 2018 year fully completed the state tasking order on admission of full-time students. This was reported at a meeting of the University Admission Board. 1169 students were enrolled on Bachelor and Specialist Degrees programs and 286 people – on.

This year for admission to full-time undergraduate programme, specialist programmes degrees and Master degree programs 10450 applications were received from 48 regions of Russia, which is 904 applications more comparing with the previous year.

The number of medalists and holders of a diploma with honours makes 1215. 11 applications were received from winners of Olympiads for schoolchildren, four of whom according to the rules of admission were enrolled to the University without entrance examinations. The competition by applications received is higher than in the previous year – 8.3 persons per place. Receiving documents for extramural training on a budgetary basis and a contract form of training continues.


Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District «iVolga»: New Knowledge, Exchange of Experiences, Line of Projects

Tuesday, 07.08.18


From the 26th of July to the 4th of August the largest youth forum of the Volga Federal District "iVolga" was held in Samara region. 2000 participants from 14 VFD regions, guests from different parts of Russia and from more than 20 countries gathered at educational sites to obtain new knowledge, share experiences and receive grant support to implement their projects. The programme of the Forum included 9 thematic sessions and an international forum «the Volga – the Yangtze”.

Chuvashia was represented by 86 young men among whom there were 46 students and 1 lecturer of I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. The project "Let's save health together" of a 2nd year student of the Medical Faculty Daniil Kelin was supported by a grant in the amount of 150 000 rubles. The project aims to support patients who suffered from myocardial infarction or stroke in post-hospital period, who live alone or have a critical condition of physical health. The framework of the project foresees that volunteers will attend patients systematically to monitor their basic parameters (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, general appearance).

The project "4C4U" of a 2nd year student of the Medical Faculty Egor Nikolaev took the first place in the session "Science and innovations". The international project was jointly created by the two representatives of Russia (I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, Kirov State Medical University) and two representatives of China (University of Science and Technology of China). The idea of the project is to increase awareness of medical students about the basics of traditional Chinese medicine and creating opportunities for its study.

Participants of the session "Sports-oriented youth – healthy nation» Anastasia Martyshkina (Faculty of Economics), Michael Skvortsov (Faculty of computer science and computer engineering), Victoria Pinchuk (Law Faculty) passed a course of a fitness instructor and became certificate holders.

Within the framework of the Forum there were also numerous exhibitions, competitions and contests. In the exhibition of scientific achievements a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Radioelectronics and automation Alexey Fedorov actively participated with the exposition "Automobile Central GUI display». In the contest for poems and prose reciters students of power engineering and electrical engineering faculty Artem Volkov and Alexander Chernov became winners. According to the results of Health and Sports Day Arthur Kuzmin (Faculty of power engineering and electrical engineering) was marked for the third place in the discipline of bench press, Alexey Larionov (Faculty of management and social technologies) – for the first place in football and the second place in volleyball, Michael Skvortsov (Faculty of computer science and computer engineering) – for the first prize at Fitness Festival.


A Joint Project of ChuvSU Student Egor Nikolayev Was Awarded With a First Degree Diploma at the International Russian-Chinese Youth Forum "the Volga – the Yangtze"

Monday, 06.08.18


From 26 July to 4 August in Samara Oblast within the framework of the VFD Youth Forum "iVolga" a Russian-Chinese International Youth Forum "the Volga – the Yangtze" took place. It is for the third time that it has become a unique platform for creating international innovation projects. More than 100 Russian participants, as well as 160 Chinese guests from the provinces of Anhui, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, and Chongqing City arrived to participate in the Forum. I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU was represented by associate professor of Foreign Languages Faculty N.A. Antonova and students Khaled Zorob, Egor Nikolaev (Faculty of Medicine), Anna Krasnova (Faculty of Economics), Daria Rozhnova (Faculty of foreign languages).

Projects development and protection was held in five sessions, including “Cultural and linguistic session", "Entrepreneurship activities", "Science and innovations", “Tourism, culture and art” and “Mass media".

The project «4C4U» of a medical student Egor Nikolayev won the first place in the session "Science and innovations". The international project was jointly created by two representatives of Russia (I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, Kirov State Medical University) and two representatives of China (University of Science and Technology of China). The idea of the project is to increase awareness of medical students about the basics of traditional Chinese medicine and creating opportunities for its study.

The program of the Russian-Chinese forum "the Volga – the Yangtze" included a variety of educational, cultural and sporting events. So, on the 27th of July in Samara academic Opera and Ballet Theatre a solemn opening of the Forum was held. The best vocal and dance ensembles of the Volga region and the People’s Republic of China appeared before the footlights. The events of the Forum included lectures and trainings, an ethno-quest, a game “What? Where? When?”, a pancakes festival, a friendship fire. On the 1st of August China’s Day was held. The Chinese guests prepared exciting master-classes and competitions. All participants had opportunities to enjoy Chinese cuisine and to exchange gifts.

The Russian-Chinese Youth Forum "the Volga – the Yangtze” became a unique platform for a dialogue between peoples and cultures, promoting cooperation and interaction between young people of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.


Issues of Improving the System ofCareer Guidance and Supporting the Gifted Youth Were discussed

Friday, 03.08.18

030818 7

On the 3rd of August the Rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov met with participants of retraining programmes for pedagogical and managerial staff for the systems of identifying and supporting the gifted children and youth "Big Challenges" in the educational center "Sirius" in Sochi. Trainees of the educational program, director of the Center for working with gifted young, D.A. Troeshestova, the head of the Center for vocational guidance O.N. Vasileva, associate professor of mathematics and theoretical mechanics S.A. Yarduhina, the head of software and information systems administration department D.V. Ilyin told about participating in the retraining programme of teaching and managerial staff. During the meeting they also discussed issues of further improving the system of supporting the gifted children and youth and career-guidance work.


Projects in the Sphere of Education Were Discussed

Friday, 03.08.18

030818 3

The Rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU A. Yu. Aleksandrov had a working meeting with the Rector of the Chuvash Republic Institute of Education of Chuvash Ministry of Education Yu. N. Isayev.

In the course of the dialogue the heads of institutions exchanged experience in implementing programmes for retraining and improving professional skills for the staff, discussed assessment of the quality of education, supporting the talented youth. In addition, A. Yu. Aleksandrov and Yu. N. Isayev discussed joint projects in the new 2018-2019 academic year.


New International Horizons for Students of the Chuvash State University

Friday, 27.07.18

I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University has more than 60 existing cooperation agreements with foreign educational institutions, including Debrecen University (Hungary), Trent University in the town of Peterborough (Canada) Florentine University (Italy), Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov (Kazakhstan), the University of Sagrado Corazao (city of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Gomel State Medical University (Belarus), South-Western Scientific and Technical University (China),Veracruz University (Mexico), Vilnius University (Lithuania), York University (United States), the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek etc.

Every year our students go abroad for training and internships in foreign countries. For example, Anton Egorov, this year's graduate of radioelectronics and automation faculty went to pass internship at Helmholtz Zentrum on materials and energy (Germany, Berlin) from the 9th of July to the 31st of August 2018.  Out of twenty thousand applications from around the world 25 students were chosen, five of them are students from Russia, including our graduate.

In September 2018 a student of ChuvSU economic faculty Nikita Sedov will start training at the University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia) by the assignment of the Russian Ministry of education and science. He will study for free at the European university and get a fellowship.

Graduates of the chemical-pharmaceutical faculty Dina and Dilya Timrukovs entered the Master Degree program of the University of Pecs (Hungary) by the programme "Biotechnology" for state-financed training with a scholarship of Hungary "Hungarikum" by the assignment of the Russian Ministry of education and science.

From the 2nd to the 10th of July medical students Maxim Sergeev, Egor Nikolaev and a student of economic faculty Daria Stepanenko attended the international summer school "One zone is one way" in the city of Hefei (People's Republic of China). A total of more than 80 people from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Poland, Chile and Japan participated in the work of the school.

On the 26th of July, five ChuvSU students went to the Youth Forum of Privolzhsky Federal District "iVolga" for participation in the Russian-Chinese Youth Forum.

In September the third group of students composed of Elena Tushilkina, Olga Sakmarova and Karina Ivanova will go to study at  Southwest Petroleum University (Chengdu, China).

A student of ChuvSU economic faculty Andrey Mochalov returned from China not long ago.

By the results of two academic years Kucherova Tatyana, a 2018 ChuvSU graduate in specialty "Journalism" was recognized as one of the best foreign students at Guizhou University (People's Republic of China). She was awarded with a diploma and a precious gift from the Chinese University. Tatyanacontinuescooperationwiththisinstitution.

We remind you an International Student Club functions at ChuvSU, its members as volunteers help in organizing meetings of foreign delegations, in adaptation to life in Chuvashia and socialization in a multicultural ChuvSU students’ collective CSU. They have a priority right to go abroad for internships and studying.


ChuvSU Foreign Students Are Participants of the Action «Summer Readings »

Friday, 27.07.18

270718 10

On Thursdays from 17 up to 19:00 in K.V. Ivanov Public Garden in Cheboksary the action "Summer readings" takes place. In this historical part of the capital of the Chuvash Republic book lovers can hear excerpts from the works of classic Russian, Chuvash, modern foreign prose and poetry, meet poets and writers. At the end of the program an "open microphone" functions, where everyone can read his own verses, works of favorite authors or participate in a battle.

On the 26th of July the action was held under the motto "Peoples’ friendship". Foreign students of the Chuvash State University performed literary works in their native language. Gulshirin Bayramova (Turkmenistan), Henno Tarek (Syria) and Hussani Javid Hussain (Afghanistan) pleased inhabitants of the city with their national color.  They were awarded with letters of gratitude from Culture and Tourism Development Administration of Cheboksary.


Functioning of the Admission Committee is the Focus of the Rector

Friday, 27.07.18

270718 13

The 26th of July was the deadline for submitting applications for Bachelor and Specialist degrees programmes by intramural and intramural-extramural forms of training under the admission targets.

The Admission Committee was visited by I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov. He was acquainted with the results of submitting applications, answered questions from employees of faculties’ admission committees, talked to applicants and their parents.

During the visit, A. Aleksandrov also inspected the work performed on accessible environment: ramps were installed in the educational-sports complex, it was equipped with sanitary rooms, navigation in Braille was developed. The Rector noted that systematic creation of material and technical conditions for unhindered access for applicants with limited health capacities, as well as students with disabilities would be continued.


Digital World with Meaning

Friday, 27.07.18

270718 3

From the 13th to the 19th of July 14 students of the Chuvash State University participated in the third session "Digital World" of the All-Russian youth educational forum "Terra Scientia on the Klyazma". The session "Digital World" gathered 1000 representatives of technical professions, employees of leading IT companies, Web analysts, Internet marketers, bloggers, cyber-gamers and SMM-specialists.

During the week young professionals, united in multidisciplinary communities, formed trends for designing personal and team tracking of tactical and strategic changes, discussed trends in IT field, set goals of personal and professional nature. According to the results of the work the teams had the opportunity to choose a mentor from among organizers, moderators, experts or participants, to continue to work on the project.

Personal development programme also included master classes, networkings, lectures and discussion clubs within the framework of the project "Dialogues on an equal footing."

The guests of the "Digital World" session were Boris Glazkov, Vice President for strategic initiatives of PJSC "Rostelecom", the head of competence center in "Information Infrastructure" of the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation"; Vitaly Smirnov, the owner of  cyber-sports community RUSHB; Vyacheslav Soloviev, the owner of cyber-sports club Quantum Bellator Fire; Eugene and Marina Rossinsky (Director on technology of portal and Director of business development for Rambler Group); Dmitry Marinichev, a Commissioner for the Russian Federation President for protection of entrepreneurs’ rights in the field of the Internet; Anton Shingarev, Vice President for Government Affairs at Kaspersky Lab JSC and others.

During the trend-session the Chuvash State University students emphasized the following areas: increase of cyber-community by supporting and carrying out competitions on the basis of the University, raising the level of social engineering, self-development, implementation of automated information system "The Youth", where students could register for participation in the activities of the University.


Expanding the Boundaries of Cooperation

Friday, 20.07.18


Today the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs I. E. Poverinov met with leaders of “ABS Electro” Group of Companies. The event was attended by Vice President of “ABS Electro” I.V. Harisova, General Director of OJSC “VNIIR-Progress” P.V. Litvinenko, Director of navigation and communication systems department of OJSC “VNIIR-Progress” Professor V.N. Harisov, General Director of OJSC “VNIIR” L.G. Makeeva and heads of departments.

In the course of the visit participants discussed the prospects of enhancing cooperation in the field of training and advanced training of specialists, research and experimental-design works in order to improve the system of staff training and the technical level of work performed. As a result of the meeting priority steps to strengthen interaction were identified, including targeted training and retraining, improving professional skills of experts, as well as attracting students and University lecturers to participate in studies performed by OJSC “VNIIR-Progress”.

Support for education and professional development is an integral part of corporate culture in “ABS Electro”. Being the leader of electrical engineering industry of the Chuvash Republic and Russia, the company is interested in solving the problem of staff shortage in the industry and it is working on this by developing relationships with leading universities of the country.

Today, representatives of “ABS Electro” Group of Companies became familiar with new educational and laboratory facilities of energy and electrical engineering, radioelectronics and automatics faculties of the Chuvash State University.



In “Sirius” Education Centre Representatives of the Chuvash State University Master the Programme "Big Challenges"

Thursday, 19.07.18

190718 2

On the 18th of July in Sochi a full-time session of retraining program for pedagogical and managerial staff for systems for identification and support of gifted children and youth at “Sirius” education centre was launched.

Among participants of the program "Big challenges" there are four lecturers of the Chuvash State University: associate professor of mathematics and theoretical mechanics department S.A. Yarduhina, the head of mathematical software and information systems administration department D.V. Ilyin, the head of the Center for working with gifted youth D.A. Troeshestova, the head of vocational guidance center O.N. Vasilyeva.

The face-to-face session in the "Sirius" gathered teachers of regional centres for identifying and supporting the gifted schoolchildren; teachers of secondary and supplementary education preparing students for high-level competitions (Olympiads, contests, conferences); high school teachers providing vocational guidance, selection and support of talented youth in the pre-university stages of education and training at junior high school courses; managers who are responsible for implementing programmes to identify and support the gifted children and young people in the region.

The program of full-time session is very rich. Listeners will attend lectures, master-classes, seminars, a project fair and much more. Theclasseswilllastuntilthe 2nd of August.

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