At present time it is difficult to imagine work in the Internet, communication or usual electronic correspondence without at leat minimal knowledge of the Russian. It is too far to a complete statement of all electronic terms into Russian.  Writing of URL-addresses with usage of cyrillics is being realized, and still it  does not solve a lot of  problems for people with poor knowledge of Russian language. Sooner or later any PC user who nedd Russian translation will address the on-line translator. 

Receiving the e-mail letters, very often the user wants to  find out, where was message from (geographical coordinates). For this purpose it is possible to use service Whoice – « Who is it », " “Whence ",it is an approximate slang translation of the definition of IP address service to Russian. In a mail box, for example, it is necessary to open service labels of the letter – RFK.

In the open text to find IP – a set of the digits divided to groups through a point. Now it is necessary to find the sites offering this service (more often it is absolutely free-of-charge) in a network. It is enough to enter into a serching line (Google, Yahoo, Yandex) a word-combination Look IP, and the system will immediately show the  list of  sites, offering this service. As a rule, the first 5-6-7 sites on the top of the list are payable resources, therefore it is necessary to choose the next or move to the second page of results of the search. Further it is necessary to copy IP and insert into a field of service Whoice, andfind the necessary. In the open information window of the IP-address information about the country of sender, server, provider, local server and sometimes even home telephone number will appear. But not always  it is possible to understand sense of the information without knowledge of Russian translation. On-line translator of technical Russain translation can be useful in this case. 

Nowadays it bacame popular to use Internet as a maens of communication with people from different countries of the world. Appendices such as Skype, MSN, Yahoo messenger give such opportunity. But what  shall do those who have poor knowledge of English? The answer is simple – fast translation from English is required. Service of fast Russian in the Internet is popular due to great number of reasons. It is impossible to imagine network games, electronic commerce without English terms and expressions, definitions. It is practically impossible to find or load any file from an English site without knowledge of exact Russain translation of English word, the name in this language.

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